Today a record was broken as the official music video for Little Big’s “Uno” has surpassed the view total of 2018’s winning entry “Toy” on the official Eurovision channel.

This accomplishment is extremely impressive since “Toy” was uploaded two years ago, while Uno has only been online for barely four months. To be exact it was uploaded on March 12th. At the moment this article was written Uno has racked up 133,955,153 views while Toy’s number of views sits at 133,866,721, and there is no doubt that the difference will continue to grow.

“Uno” is also winning in two other ways. Currently the song has 2.4 million likes, compared to Toy’s 1.3 million likes. The dislikes for the “Uno” music video comes in at 183K, while “Toy” has two and half times more dislikes – coming in at 463K dislikes.

Little Big is a band that was originally found in St. Petersburg back in 2013 and have been very popular across Europe and Russia. Their Eurovison single “Uno” has been so popular that it charted in Russia, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Scotland, and the UK. In Russia, it topped the charts in 5th place. However, “Toy” has still holds one thing over Little Big’s head – the song has charted in 10 countries and was 1st on the Israel and US Dance charts back in 2019.

Despite Eurovision being cancelled this year, it seems mother Russia managed to snatch a win somewhere!

What do #YOU think, will Little Big be back next year? These numbers must be a boost for them and Russian national broadcasters to give them the golden ticket for Rotterdam. Let us know in the comment section below, on social media, or on our forum page!


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