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Russia: Uno becomes numero uno

Today a record was broken as the official music video for Little Big’s “Uno” has surpassed the view total of 2018’s winning entry “Toy” on the official Eurovision channel. This accomplishment is extremely impressive since “Toy” was uploaded two years ago, while Uno has only been online for barely four months. To be exact it was uploaded on March 12th. At …

Little Big’s Ilya Prusikin reveals Eurovision selection as ‘surprise’ and discusses the next steps

In an interview with the Russian Forbes site, the male lead of the Russian rave band Little Big, who last month were chosen as the Russian representatives for the ill-fated Eurovision 2020, Ilya Prusikin, has given more details about their selection for their country, as well as recent events surrounding their quarantine in St. Petersburg. The interview with reporters Yaroslav …

Russia: Little Big complete Eurovision 2020 line-up with “Uno”

Russia’s long-awaited entry for Eurovision 2020 has been revealed on “Evening Urgant”, this evening’s late-night chat show hosted by Eurovision 2009 host Ivan Urgant. The song matches up with a snippet heard during the band’s reveal on Russian evening news last week, with the music video reminiscent of a kitsch 70s Eurovision performance and featuring an eye-catching leg dance from …

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