Osmi vazduh is a project created by Marko and Lena Kuzmanović, made in 2013 as a result of mutual love of making music. Their work has a nostalgic vibe of the 80s. Several of the group members already have some Eurovision experience, as they’ve been backing vocalists. This Tuesday at Beovizija they will perform a very interesting and catchy song called Probudi se (Wake me up). We had a chat with Lena & Jelena Pajić, and here is what they have to say about themselves, Beovizija and Eurovision.

Would you be so kind as to tell our readers something about you guys?

– Our band represents something that doesn’t fit the pattern of the current trending music in Serbia. Drugari (friends) are real friends with big hearts and lots of talent. We gathered because we were looking for good vibes and people who will feel, hear and understand the meaning and the message of our song. We’ve found that. Every rehearsal we have is full of laughter and goofing around. We have to thank our amazing girls Jelena Đurić, Jelena Pajić, Anja Mit for that and also our choreographer Irena Šarović, who helps us to become the best as we can.

What do you expect out of your Beovizija participation?

– To have a looooot of fun, to give our message to the public and hopefully to reach as many people as we can.

Some of you have already participated at Eurovision as backing vocalists, how does it feel to be in the run for the right to become the Serbian representative?

– Lena: It feels the same. You give all of you. There is no fighting, just love no matter the performance or the competition.

– Jelena P: I am so glad that I am part of this amazing crew. Lena, Jelena & myself already know how things work, what is important performance wise. We are all friends, we are full of positive vibes and we will enjoy every minute.

How does a typical day looks for you?

– It begins with a yawn… And a smile also. 🙂 Me and Marko have a seven month old baby who works as a wake up alarm. Then we push it in the fifth gear. Dressing up, feeding, playing, having a walk with our older daughter, going shopping, rehearsals, studio, and lots of coffee and laughter.

Is there a story about your song?

– Our song is an ode to joy, it resembles the typical 80s sounds, the melody will make you dance and it will get in your ear immediately. The lyrics have the goal to wake you up, to encourage you to live the moment, to get rid of your ego, your fake roles that we are living day by day, off the thoughts that don’t give you a chance to get in touch with yourself, because they keep you busy. Simply, it’s a chance to get free of the labels and live the moment fully with a wide smile.

Your favorite Eurovision memory?

– Ooooh, there are a lot of them… I’ve been there twice, so it’s hard to pick one. Maybe it could be the perfection of the organization, having the first rehearsal, everyone there is trying their best so everything works perfectly for you. During those two weeks you feel like you are a mega star.

Your favorite Eurovision song?

– It would still be ABBA’s Waterloo.

Do you have any kind of a message for Eurovision fans from all around the world?

– Live the moment, love, don’t spend your energy on hate, because it won’t change anything.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Osmi vazduh & Drugari and that you’ll tune into Beovizija to catch them this Tuesday! What do #YOU think about their song and their chances in the national final? Are you excited to hear them perform at Beovizija? Sound off on social media and on our forum!

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