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Ira Losco talks with us here at

So after winning Malta Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday with the song “Chameleon (Invincible)”, Ira Losco has been very busy but has taken the time to chat with us here at


  1. It has been 14 years since you took to the stage in Tallinn, why did you decide to return to Eurovision now? had you ever been tempted previously?


Whenever I was asked to return I would always reply with “never say never.” In 2012 I saw Loreen for the first time and she won me over with the idea of maybe one day returning to Eurovision. Then in 2014 when Gianluca and I presented the MESC people started throwing about the idea of my possible return the next year but as a participant. So I wrote a status on my fan page clearly asking them if they wanted to see me there. Instantly I was inundated with messages. This year I was working on my new album and stumbled across two potential songs for MESC. I submitted them and both were chosen. And here I am. 


  1. You mentioned on Facebook in 2014 that you were thinking of returning to Eurovision and wanted your fan’s opinions. I assume they were eager to see you return, was this a factor in deciding whether to enter 2016?

It was definitely one of the factors


  1. You came so close in 2002 (and in my opinion should have won) and you are currently 3rd favourite to win in the betting odds. Is there more pressure this time to win, because of your previous success?

No there isn’t that pressure, why? Because I like to keep things real. Nowadays it’s about a lot of boxes which need to be ticked to be in the running for being a potential winner at EV. I believe a current and very good song are vital and a very strong delivery on the night. What is also important is a very valid marketing strategy online before. I am completely against going there with assumptions and predictions. They only make one delusional and cause more disappointment if the results are not those desired. 


  1. Saturday you performed “Chameleon (Invincible)” and won over the televoters and Jury members. Will you keep the same song and performance? or will they song get a revamp for May?

These are details which PBS will have to decide My management and myself of course will be kept n the loop I’m sure but so far there is no solid indication.


  1. A few songs have been released for Eurovision 2016, have you heard any? do you have a favourite?

I have heard a few. Till now I don’t have a strong favorite. 


  1. Thank you Ira for taking the time to speak with us, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of

I would love to thank them for all the support they have shown me from 2002 till this very day. I am excited to be back at EV and I can’t wait to new them in Sweden!!!! 


We would like to congratulate Ira on winning MESC on Saturday and wish her the very best of look in May! Stick with us and we will bring you all the latest news from Ira Losco and her Eurovision journey!


Watch Ira’s winning performance of “Chameleon (Invincible)” from Saturday’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest:

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