Let’s begin with going back in time, it’s the year 2017, the country of Belarus is still a yearly participant at the contest, and a lovely couple is bidding to represent their country on the big stage. This couple consist of Arciom Lukjanienka and Ksienija Žuk, who together form Naviband. Now 7 years later, back to 2024, we catch them shortly at a gig in Copenhagen for an interview, to hear what has happened ever since then.

Much has indeed happened in those 7 years, since the band’s participation at the Eurovision Song Contest. Most noticeable by far, was the 2020 Belarusian presidential protests. Back then, we even reported that Naviband was officially blacklisted by the state itself, and as expected, we see the consequences of it all first hand.

In more details, we get to hear their story since their Eurovision days and how the band still find light in all of the darkness which currently still glooms over their home country. The question is not “if” but rather “when”, when it comes to seeing a new and free Belarus.

Clearly, the band carry hope with them. Performing and sharing Belarusian culture and language whenever they go, which is a wish for the uprising and survival of their traditions and identity, to stay among the more young and inspired Belarusians. To perform for their own, is like getting together with the family, which keeps the hope surviving.

This is exactly what keeps the band going and touring as well, and they even reveal some upcoming plans for our viewers. We hear that they are even expecting to share their story even in America this coming Autumn!

With all that in mind, don’t hesitate to enjoy our interview with the band about their story… maybe even hitting a potential Eurovision return? 👀

About Naviband

If it wasn’t hinted before, the let’s make it clear. Naviband represented Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017, held in Kyiv, Ukraine. The band consist not only of Arciom and Ksienija, but also of guitarist Aliaksandr (seen performing in the interview), bassist Uladzislaŭ, and drummer Uladzimir.

The band didn’t only try to represent their country once, but also tried in both 2015 and 2016. In 2015, the band failed to reach the national final, but in 2016 they managed to take part in the national final, where they came 4th.

In 2017, when the finally managed to win the right to represent the country, the finished above another 12 other acts with their Belarusian song “Historyja majho žyccia“. During the Eurovision Song Contest, the title of the song was translated into “Story of My Life” despite remaining fully in Belarusian. Here they ultimately finished 17th with a combined score of 83 points.

Since, the group has continuously released singles and a few albums as well, among which have also been recorded in Ukraine. Sadly due to the unfortunate circumstances, the band has been hindered, but despite everything still fought back peacefully through music and culture.

Special thanks!

While we’re at it, we’d also like to thank the people who made this interview and story possible. Special thanks goes to Talaka – Friend of Belarus in Denmark (website in Danish) – who helps spreading and sharing the cultural identity of Belarus and Belarusians in Denmark. If you’re of Belarusian descendent or even Ukrainian, and you find yourself in Denmark, feel free to reach out to them and learn more.

For further details and accessibility, you can find the group on Facebook and on Linkedin.

We hope #YOU are happy to see how Naviband is holding up and are #YOU considering to go to their concerts now, if they are near?
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