The ESC United “Expert” Panel is back. The Editorial team got to enjoy all 43 entries of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, review and rank them accordingly. Needless to say, this is all subjective and you may totally disagree with us. There is a reason we put quotation marks down. Which is why we included a poll and in the end we’ll compare the reader’s results to our results. So check out our comments first and the scroll down to vote in the poll. Let’s get rollin’!

Greece: Demy – This Is Love

Nenad – 9 Points
The most beautiful artist of this year comes from Greece. She is so charming and beautiful. The Song ‘This is Love’ is a typical Eurovision built-up song but I like it. Enegeric and powerful. Fokas will arrange her performance, so I do not worry about it. Demy is surrounded by a group of HQ professionals, and this thing must work.

Matt – 7 Points
Nothing remarkably fresh coming from Greece, that kind of sound we have heard many times before. But for some reasons, I actually kinda like it. It has some redeeming qualities like the amazing instrumental piece which is fantastic and I am digging the overall beat. Now the chorus is a slight letdown and could or should have been way stronger. Lyrically not a masterpiece either but I can’t hate it, it makes me happy.

Romeo – 7 Points
This is love – rain falls from above.. These are the lyrics of the year, following from last year’s thunder and lightning it’s getting exciting. This is a fun song, it really makes me smile. I think it will do ok in Eurovision, not a winner but it will do ok.

Zack – 7 Points
With all the hype for Demy over the past few years as a potential Eurovision representative, I will admit that I was a bit disappointed to see the song that was handed to her. To me, this feels like a rehash of “Glorious” from 2013. Still, this is one catchy song and I can’t wait to see it live! Demy has proved that she is a capable live singer, knows and respects Eurovision, and this song will be brought to its max potential in her hands.

Sean – 7 Points
I absolutely hated this when it was first chosen, and had dismissed it as cheap, throwaway pop. Somehow though, somehow… the revamp has actually made it quite a decent dance stormer. It seems the music has been beefed up, it sounds less tinny and unfinished and Greece have certainly tried once again to bring the party to the contest this year. Will it be strong enough to bring the Greeks back to the final though? A lot of it will come down to the performance, but I’m honestly a bit doubtful.

Jordan – 7 Points
An interesting song which starts out as a ballad and turns into a dance track. It has a great melody and great vocals. I like the lyric change Greece recently made and the song stands a good chance at making it into the top 10 in the final.

David – 5 Points
Ah Greece, my personal favorite country in the contest, the country I feel I always can count on, but once I again I can’t. Many may believe that 2016 was a bad year for Greece, but that is why I love the Greek entries. I love the Greek style in music, I love the Greek language, and sadly this song contains none of that. Taking into who the song writers are as well, then I’m very disappointed with “This Is Love”. It’s such a typical dance track, straight from the book. I wish to point out, I love when we get dance tracks, but then they at least need something catchy, so I can come back to the song, and this song lacks exactly that.

Stefan – 4 Points
When ERT confirmed that the same team will be in charge of Demy’s song as the one that did Sergey’s song and also many more in the previous years, my hype was on a pretty high level, but when I heard the songs I was soooo disappointed. I don’t know if there were some problems between Demy, ERT and the team, but this is just a bland lemonade what Greece can offer us. Sorry to say, but I think Greece will miss out another final.

Calvin – 4 Points
This isn’t one of the worst entries this year, but it is among the most underwhelming, never reaching the energy level it needs and leaving me cold. Demy does the job, but she does so without any distinction. The revamp improved it by making the production sound fuller, but it still lacks any standout features. As the song concludes, an instrumental break teases a latge finish that doesn’t come. A pause, key change, anything right before the final chorus could have made the ending captivating. Instead, the ending is, as the rest of the package, very pat.

Robert – 3 Points
This was selected after what felt like a week in a three song national final to, well, complete indifference! The song falls, alas, into the insipid category for me. It just “is”. There’s nothing particularly exciting about the song and it totally fails to capture my interest at any point. The music is OK, but nothing new. The choruses are a real letdown as well; you expect something of a vocal explosion, but instead they just plateau and it leaves me wanting more from it every single time. It’s not intrepid or impressive as song and just feels like it was thrown together in a bit of a hurry to send to Kiev. Greece has a fantastic qualification record in Eurovision, last year excepted, but this feels as if it could really struggle to continue that record this year.

Gerry – 3 Points
Greece has always been one of my favorite countries at Eurovision, but it really seems like they’ve lost their spark these last few years. Demi’s a competent singer, and I have no doubt that she’s going to pull off this song very well onstage. However, the song is incredibly uninspired. The verse and the build-up is well-composed but the backing track, especially when it gets the chorus, sounds extremely derivative, as if it were just one of the hundreds of EDM hits this decade. “This is Love”? More like “this is generic.”


Final Score: 63


Now it’s your turn, vote in the poll and let us know how you ranked it. You can comment here or join thousands of Eurovision fans and comment on our Forum HERE.

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This is the current ranking of the Panel, you can see all Reviews by clicking HERE.


  1. Estonia – 97 Points
  2. Italy – 95 Points
  3. Norway – 94 Points
  4. France – 86 Points
  5. United Kingdom – 85 Points
  6. Iceland – 84 Points
  7. FYR Macedonia – 82 Points
  8. Hungary – 79 Points
  9. Cyprus – 77 Points
  10.  San Marino – 76 Points
  11. Portugal – 75 Points
  12. Serbia – 74 Points
  13. The Netherlands – 73 Points (10,10)
  14. Switzerland – 73 Points (10)
  15. Moldova – 72 Points
  16. Armenia – 71 Points
  17. Poland – 69 Points
  18. Georgia – 66 Points (10,10)
  19. Montenegro – 66 Points (10)
  20. Belarus – 66 Points (9)
  21. Ukraine – 65 Points
  22. Bulgaria – 64 Points
  23. Malta – 63 Points (9,7,7,7,7,7,6)
  24. Greece – 63 Points (9,7,7,7,7,7,5)
  25. Albania – 62 Points
  26. Australia – 59 Points
  27. Romania – 56 Points
  28. Czech Republic – 55 Points
  29. Germay – 53 Points
  30. Lithuania – 50 Points
  31. Spain – 45 Points
  32. Croatia – 43 Points
  33. Slovenia – 41 Points
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