Marina Satti recently released her latest EP titled P.O.P, comprising seven tracks that showcase her versatility and creativity.

The EP includes “ZARI”, which secured 11th place in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, and “TUCUTUM”, her last single before the contest. Collaborating with famous Greek singers, Satti demonstrates her ability to blend traditional elements with modern music.

One standout track from P.O.P is “MIXTAPE”, a ten-minute song featuring Greek singers Lefteris Pantazis, VLOSPA, Oge, RACK, Efi Thodi, and Nick Kodonas. The song changes rhythm almost every two minutes, featuring more and more elements as it progresses. It cleverly incorporates viral moments from Greek TV commentary on Satti’s Eurovision entry, “ZARI.” By weaving these comments into the song, Satti playfully trolls the media while showcasing her musical talent and creativity.

At one point, Marina references an Instagram Live session where she questioned, “Does reggaeton exist in your world?”—a Greek saying meaning something unfamiliar or out of place. In this context, she explains that in Greece, this rhythm is known as “sirtos,” and she demonstrated this by playing a song with a similar beat, “Glyka, Glyka” by Kelly Kelekidou, later known from Efi Thodi, to highlight the Greek elements. This was in response to comments suggesting that her song was not Greek enough.

Lines like “I’ve played the demo for them and they said it’s gonna flop, flop, flop, flop” and the incorporation of Google Translate in “Copyright for TA, TA, TA, TA” add layers of humor and commentary. The song concludes with Satti asserting her independence, declaring her belief in her own power, and abruptly bidding farewell with, “I’m going on a big vacation now, I don’t give a fuck. I’ve gone far away, PERIOD, and goodbye.”

In the closing track titled “Ah THALASSA,” the artist delivers a heartfelt tribute to her recently departed father. Through poignant metaphors, such as likening herself to a wave amidst the calm sea and reflecting on the birds in flight, Sati expresses the depth of her emotions surrounding her loss. The song ends abruptly, with the sound cutting out of proportion, creating a dramatic effect that mirrors the suddenness of losing someone dear. This artistic choice adds to the overall impact of the song, enhancing its emotional resonance. The song stands as a masterpiece on an EP that takes listeners on a flamboyant journey through Marina’s emotions before, during, and after her recent experiences.

You can watch the video clip from her newest album here:

The full track list of the EP is as follows:

  2. ZARI
  5. EIMAI KALA!!!!!!!!!
  6. MIXTAPE (feat. Lefteris Pantazis, VLOSPA, Oge, RACK, Efi Thodi & Nick Kodonas)

You can listen to “P.O.P” on Spotify here and on Apple Music here.

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