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Iceland: Member of delegation has tested positive for COVID-19

Unfortunate news broke out yesterday, that a member of the Polish delegation had tested positive for COVID-19, and once again today, the EBU has announced that a member from the Icelandic delegation has now also tested positive for COVID-19. Effects? It was announced yesterday, that due to safety protocols, the entire Polish delegation would not be allowed to take part …

North Macedonia: Re-evaluation for participation in 2021

As the national final season has come to a close, we are about to witness a rather quiet time, as usually, pre-contest parties would normally take place around Europe starting at this point. However, not all is all good and clear as one would like to think, and it would seem like that the drama has now reached North Macedonia. …

Croatia & France: A new artist in 2021

The list of 2020 acts that will return in 2021 is slowly expanding, but unfortunately, so is the list of participants that would’ve participated in 2020, but won’t in 2021 also. Another 2 countries how now made it official, that their 2020 participant will not return in 2021. France While writing, I just realized that we’re talking about the two …

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