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Eurovision 2021 News roundup: Spain, Cyprus, Australia, Iceland, Belarus, and Austria!

In the last two days we’ve been hit with a lot of updates for the 2021 Eurovision song contest, and we’re here to break them all down for you! This time we have news from across Europe, so let’s dive on in shall we? RTVE Announces National Final for Blas Cantó‘s song This year the Spanish broadcaster is allowing you …

Think about this: Daði Freyr confirms 2021 return for Iceland

Reykjavik, 23/10/2020 Finally, it has been confirmed. Daði Freyr Pétursson is now officially representing Iceland in 2021, per his official twitter account:   Pétursson will be representing Iceland as a part of his band “Daði och Gagnamagnið” (loosely translated as: “Dadi and the Data Rates”). The group, which aside from Pétursson consists of his wife Árný, his sister Sigrún and …

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