Poland will become one of the latest countries to decide their Eurovision entry for 2018 tonight as the annual Krajowe Eliminacje takes place. Ten acts will be taking part tonight, with one of the most hyped performances of the evening coming from Gromee and Lukas Meijer, who have already achieved success with “Without You” earlier this year, amassing over 8.5 million views on YouTube. Their Krajowe Eliminacje entry has already broken the million mark, so we took the opportunity to chat to the DJ about his participation!

Hi Gromee!

How are you? Can you introduce yourself? What can you tell us about yourself?

I’m fine, thank you! I am Gromee, a music producer and DJ and I come from Poland. I am a DJ and have been producing music for 15 years. As a producer, I collaborated with the world’s biggest studios. In my projects I have collaborated with Andreas Moe, Anderz Wrethov, Said Onifade (Wurld), Terry B, Mahan Moin, Lukas Meijer, May Brit Scheffer, Tommy Gun, Ali Tennant and Jayden Feldes. Music and producing it is my passion.

The song that you will be presenting for the national final in Poland is “Light Me Up” . What can you tell us about the song?

Together with Lukas Meijer, Mahan Moin, and Christan Rabb we created this song in December. It was supposed to appear on my first album “Chapter One” (out on 16th March) and will be the first single. My fans at the same time asked me to come to the Eurovision Song Contest competition so we submitted the song Light Me Up. No one expected it!

What was the inspiration for the song, and did you write it specifically for the national final in Poland and Eurovision?

As I wrote above – the song was made for my first album but I am very glad that I could also submit it to the Eurovision Song Contest.

What is your impression of the Eurovision Song Contest in general? Do you watch it every year?

Yes, I watch the Eurovision Song Contest competition every year. This is an amazing show with great songs and I’m glad that we have such a competition in Europe. If I can perform on stage in Lisbon it will be a great adventure and honour!

Apart from the Eurovision Song Contest, where would you dream to do a performance?

Apart from producing music, I am also a DJ. I have been playing in various music clubs and club music festivals for many years. My dream is to play at the largest club music festivals like Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Miami.

What is the best bit of advice you have ever been given?

It will be trivial: never to give up your dreams! I am a person who always thinks positively, and I am grateful to the world for every day.

If your life was a song title which one would be?

Probably “Show Must Go On” because despite obstacles, we must never give up!

Where would we find you on a typical Sunday Afternoon?

Usually on a Saturday I play concerts in clubs so on Sunday I’m coming home. But if I play concerts near to my hometown Kraków usually I spend time on a Sunday afternoon with my family.

We would like to thank Gromee for his time and wish him and Lukas Meijer the best of luck with their performance at Krajowe Eliminacje!

What do #YOU think of “Light Me Up”? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE and join the discussion below and on social media!

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