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We took a time to talk with lovely Agnete, who will represent Norway at Eurovision Song Contest 2016! Her song has a strong message behind it with ‘being there for someone who is struggling’ and she is very proud to be here.

Hello, Agnete! How do you feel in this euphoria about Eurovision?
Does it make pressure on you or you’re completely enjoying it?
Hello! 🙂
I have been spending my time relaxing and hanging out with my family and friends, so currently I am enjoying it. But there is a lot of pressure going on.

Can you tell us a bit more about your song ‘Icebreaker’? Who stands behind it?
What message do you try to send with your song?
And why ‘Icebreaker’?
The song is written by myself, Gabriel Alares and Ian Curnow. We wrote it together in a studio in The Netherlands where we also met for the first time.
The song is about being there for someone who is struggling. We wrote the lyrics to Icebreaker with my best friend in mind, so there is a 14 year old story behind the song. To me, Icebreaker is one of the most honest and most personal thing I´ve ever written, dedicated to my friend and our long lasting friendship. It was written at a time in my friend’s life when she needed my support. I do believe this is something a lot of people can relate to.We imagined a ship stuck in the ice and to be able to continue on your journey you need something to break the ice, therefore the name Icebreaker.

What was your feeling when you realized that you won MGP? Imagine this
situation – You’ve just won the Eurovision. Are the feelings the same?
It was so much feelings involved winning MGP. The song is very special to me and I have always been dreaming of winning the MGP.
It took me many weeks to believe that I actually was going to the ESC.
Winning the ESC would be unreal, it is hard to imagine what I would feel if that happened. I would probably cry tears of joy.

A very happy Agnete!
Agnete winning MGP

Throw back in time you were a lead singer of Norwegian teen punk band ‘The
BlackSheeps’ in 2008 and 2011 you won some awards. Can you tell us a bit more
about that awards and – How and in which way that have changed your music career?
We won the MGP JR Nordic (kinda like the Eurovision JR), won a norwegian grammy for best song with Oro Jaska Beana.
Being in the band was a door opener for all of us in the band, this gave me the opportunity to pursue a solo career, which I am happy that I did.
I learned a lot from the time in the BlackSheeps.

What can we expect from you in live show at the second Semi-Final of Eurovision,
and hopefully at the Grand Final? Is the performace going to be the same as the one
in National final or you are making some differences?
The show producers are redesigning the stage and show. It will be different from the national finals with new elements in it.

Can you tell to our readers something that not so many people know about you?
I can jodle and my mother language is the Sámi language, I also have a fear of windmills.


Have you listened to the other songs of this year’s Contest? Do you have any
favourites? Also, what is your favourite act in whole Eurovision history?
I have listened to some of the songs, there are a lot of great artists and songs, it will be a tough competition for sure!

Dear Agnete, thank you for your time! Wish you all the best and see you in
Stockholm! Do you have any message to our readers?
Hi ESCUnited, Agnete from Nesseby, Norway here. Really looking forward to be a part of this lovely show. Thanks for reading, lots of love from me!



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