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From Chameleon to Walk on Water, Ira took the time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions about her new song.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us.

Why did you make the decision to change your song from ‘Chameleon’ to ‘Walk on Water’?
For the last two years the national selection in Malta has had a rule that after the competition, the signer and PBS (our national broadcaster) could decide to challenge the song. This year we decided to do it, to see if we could get the best song possible for Eurovision. “Chameleon” was part of the songs that were listened to by both national and international juries, and I think we got the best song.
How do you feel now that decision has been made and is final?
I’m really happy with “Walk on water” as my Eurovision song. I liked many of the 10 songs that were shortlisted but this was one a few few that I had a strong preference for. The juries also agreed makes me very positive.
What can we expect from the staging of ‘Walk on Water’ in Stockholm?
I can’t really tell you much about the staging because we want it to be a surprise for everyone! But what I can say is that there will be a dancers, Skorpion, who is great. He was part of Kylie Minogue’s last world tour.
This is not your first Eurovision experience, what have you learned between 2002 and now?
I think I come back to Eurovision with a lot more life experience. Back in 2002 I was very young, whereas now I’ve got four albums behind me and experience of concerts both here and abroad. Obviously I’ve made mistakes, and I think I’ve learnt form them for the better.
What was the reception of your songs at the pre parties so far?
It’s been good, I have had many messages of support from people which has been nice. Obviously you want people from abroad to like the song and look forward to your performance.
In your personal and professional opinion, was changing the song the right choice?
You always want to do the best for yourself as an artist, and when you’re representing your country that is multiplied a lot! I think it was the right decision because ultimately I am representing everyone in Malta and we want to do as well as possible.
Ira will be representing Malta and closing semi final 1 on the 10th May 2016. This is her second time representing Malta, after placing 2nd in 2002 with the song 7th Wonder.


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