T48 songs received by TRM, the Moldovan TV channel
48 songs received by TRM, the Moldovan TV channel

Yesterday was the deadline for the Moldovan song submission, after weeks of the submission period being open and not receiving any songs, then slowly a few songs got received, and as TRM predicted, they received the majority of songs in the final few days. The list of songs submitted reached 48. Among this list we have a few familiar names:

  1. Sandy C –Weak For Your Love
  2. Andrei Ioniţa & Onoffrei –Lie
  3. Sasha Bognibov –Alone
  4. Sasha Bognibov –Insane (Against Corruption)
  5. Che-MD –Voda E Cu Noi
  6. Artur Breeze –Far Away
  7. Ghennadi Ivanov –A Good Day
  8. Nadia Moşneagu –Memories
  9. Nadejda Rotaru – Zebra
  10. Felicia Dunaf –You And Me
  11. Alexandru Ceapă –Viorele
  12. Emilia Russu –I Am Not The Same
  13. Katherine and Litesound –Imagine
  14. Criss Jeff –Good Life
  15. Rodica şi Ivan Aculov –Stop Lying
  16. Big Flash Sound –Când Vrei
  17. Doiniţa Gherman –Irresistible
  18. Elena Buga –Nu Ma-Ntreba
  19. Elena Buga –The Curtain Falls
  20. Valeria Pasa –Save Love
  21. Lidia Isac –Falling Stars
  22. Viola –In The Name Of Love
  23. Cristina Pintilie & Alex Calancea Band –Picture Of Love
  24. Vasile Muntean –O Noua Zi
  25. Valentin Uzun –Mine
  26. Valentina Nejel –Va Fi Târziu
  27. Alexandru Cibotaru –Dimineti
  28. Victoria –Improvizatii Nocturne
  29. Vitalie Todirascu –Belladonna
  30. DoReDoS –FannyFolk
  31. Max Fall & Vozniuc Dan & Malloy –Game Lover
  32. Maxim Zavidia –La La Love
  33. Samir Loghin –Nu Pleca
  34. Serjcoston –Noaptea Dragostei
  35. Diana Brescan –Till The End
  36. Poison Lust –Black Magic
  37. Olea Roşu– Vraja Frumuseţii
  38. Chris Maroo– Tonight
  39. Mihai Radu –I Walk Throuhg Fire
  40. Beatrice –Saved My Heart For You
  41. Rafaella –Hours Lost
  42. Serghei Lazarev –Glossa
  43. ELLE –Tare
  44. PRIZA –Rewind
  45. Nadejda Volc –Dorul
  46. Olga Căpăţînă– Save My Heart
  47. Natalia Moraru– Pain
  48. Anna Gulko– Never Let Go

Among this list we have Litesound,  who represented Belarus in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, they have teamed up with Katherine a Moldovan singer and entered a song for Moldova. Doiniţa Gherman was in O Melodi Pentru 2015 with the song “Inimă fierbinte”. Lidia Isac was also in the 2015 Moldovan National Final, as was Sasha Bognibov, among others.

These songs will be shortlisted to 24 which will be split into 2 semi-finals to be held on the 23rd and 25th of February and the final will be held on the 27th.

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