We caught up with Mihai Traistariu
We caught up with Mihai Traistariu

Mihai Traistariu represented Romania in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, today I had a chat with Mihai regarding his plans to represent Romania 10 years later, in Stockholm.

Ce Faci Mihai

You first took to the Eurovision stage in 2006, that is 10 years ago, why have you waited so long to return to the contest?
I’va been waiting for the perfect song. I found it 3 months ago … PARADISIO …

You have been teasing fans over the last few months, and you have now released “Paradisio”, which you have sent to TVR for the National Selection. Was the song written especially for Eurovision?
Yes. The song is written by me, Robby G. and Dumi Padure. I realised that … a composer can’t write a song especially for Eurovision if he doesn’t LOVE Eurovision. So … I decided to try writting it by myself.

You have been in Eurovision before. How will you approach the contest this time? Will you have more fun this time? or are you in it to win it?
I don’t look at ESC for fun. 😀 I really want to win this competition.

The video for “Paradisio” is very impressive and has a lot of special effects. Will this be reflected in your performance on stage? Do you have any information of the staging?
The live show will be completly different but … the same SF theme. I hope people will enjoy it !

I think it is highly likely you will win the Romanian ticket to Eurovision. If you do, will you travel Europe on a promotional tour before going to Stockholm?
In 2006 I visited 7 countries before Eurovision. This time I’ll try to travel more. I’ll talk to our national television and I’ll find a solution to have a big promotional tour.

You are a well-known name in Eurovision, everyone remembers “Tornero”, does that add more pressure on you?
Yes, of course. That’s why I waited for 10 years. I didn’t want to come back with a bad song. So I’ve waited for ./.. Paradisio … 🙂

I would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with me, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of ESCUnited.com?
I would like to thank them for loving Eurovision. ESC is the biggest musical contest on the PLANET … so we must do everything for it !


I would like to say Multumesc to Mihai and good luck with “Paradisio”

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