Icelandic Söngvakeppnin kicks off tonight and Hildur will be one the six acts performing. Her song is Bammbaramm and for sure it’s not something what we can hear on a daily basis.
Here is what she had to say for our website.

How would you describe yourself in just two short sentences?

A happy musician from Iceland that loves to create. Love music, cooking, Japan, cute things and being in water of some kind. 🙂

You have a unique style. Do you think that will make you stand up from the crowd?

Thank you! I hope so. For me this competition is not just about a three minutes pop song. It’s about the whole vision, vibe, stage performance and character that shines through. I’ve put a lot of thought in how I want to present my song and I think it will definitely stand out when I do the live performance!

What was the insipiration for Bammbaramm?

I had just fallen in love and I decided to put the story of how I met this guy – now my boyfriend into a song! The happy feel good vibe is how I felt when I had just met him and I want people to feel the same warm feeling on the inside as I do when I sing this song. I also really wanted to take part in Eurovision with a feel good song, even though I love big dramatic songs, I just am in this place in my life where I wanted to spread happy vibes to the world!

Your favorite Eurovision song?

Right now it’s Undo by Sanna Nielsen (I love to scream along to it in the car) and Monster like me by Mørland & Debrah Scarlett (the feeling in this song after the breakdown is incredible). But my favorite list includes like 20 songs that I rotate between!

Can you tell us something interesting about yourself?

I speak Japanese! I love Japan and I lived in Tokyo for 1 year. Because of my interest I love everything cute and I actually wrote my BA thesis in school on why Japan is so focused on cuteness, so you could say I’m an expert in cuteness.

And do you have some kind of a message for our followers and Eurovision fans all around the world?

I’m so exited for this whole Eurovision journey I’m on and of course I really hope it ends in Kiev so you can get to know me better! 🙂

What do #YOU think of Hildur’s song?

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