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FSC #140 - October 2020: The Show! [Mykolaiv - Ukraine] | RESULTS from page 3


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October 3, 2009

Welcome to Mykolaiv - Ukraine and to the 140th edition of the Forum Song Contest (FSC).

Theme: ‘Church of Ukraine: In Darkness and Light’


Winner FSC September 2020
Congratulations! ^^



The Host city for this FSC #140-edition is : Mykolaiv - Ukraine . Written Mykolayiv in Ukrainian
it is also also called Nikolaev in Russian. It is a city in southern Ukraine, the administrative cen
ter of the Mykolaiv Oblast. Mykolaiv is, arguably, the main shipbuilding center of the Black Sea
with 3 shipyards within the city, plus a number of research centers specializing in shipbuilding


The city is an important transportation hub of Ukraine (sea port , commercial port , river port,
highway and railway junction, airport). Mykolaiv's orderly layout reflects the fact that its devel
opment has been well planned from the founding of the city. Its main streets , including the 3
main east–west Avenues, are very wide and tree-lined. The city has much beautiful park land


Historically Archaeologists have found proof of ancient settlements on the current territory of
today's Mykolaiv . In 2018 , archaeologists found a sunken Ancient Greek ship , near Mykolaiv
region. The ship is from the 5th century BC , the period of Greek colonization , of the Northern
Black Sea. Researchers said the ship wast one of the oldest known in the Northern Black Sea.


The history of the city has always been closely connected to shipbuilding . The town was foun
ded in 1789 by the Russian Governor General of Novorossiya, Prince Grigory Potemkin initially
as a shipyard . The shipyard was to undertake repair of naval ships , in the Russo-Turkish War.
Later G. Potemkin ordered the shipyard to be named Nikolaev , which still is its Russian name.


The Russian Empire's Black Sea Navy Headquarters was in Mykolaiv for more than 100 years
until the Imperial Russian Navy moved it to Sevastopol, near the Southern tip of Crimean Peni
nsula. During the Crimean War (a military conflict , 1853-1856, in which Russia lost to a multi-
national alliance), Mykolaiv became the main rear base to support Russia's efforts in the war.


Most businesses that were created in the city belonged to the military industrial complex and,
in this regard , Mykolaiv, was closed to foreign visitors for many decades. From 1860 to 1871,
the military Governor of Mykolaiv , was Bogdan von Glazenap . His highest command in town
was in 1862. He encouraged foreign vessels to call and foreigners to come to Mykolaiv to live


Therefore , foreign governments established foreign consulates in Mykolaiv. This led to the tra
nsformation of Mykolaiv into a large commercial port. By the late 19th century Mykolaiv's port
ranked third in the Russian Empire , after Saint Petersburg, and Odessa , in terms of trade with
foreign countries . In addition , regional grain export suppliers were first in the Russian Empire



‘Church of Ukraine: In Darkness and Light’
‘The Road to Christianity’

The beginning: Christianity had already penetrated , some regions adjacent to the Black Sea
known in antiquity as Scythia by the late first century AD . Saint Andrew , the brother of Saint
Peter, is said to have preached the message of Jesus Christ there. During the vehement pers
ecutions within the Roman Empire , from the time of Nero, the Black Sea region , became the
place of exile of many Christians sentenced by Roman courts . Saint Clement I (Pope, 88–97
AD) was exiled to Chersonese Taurica where he is said to have died a martyr His remains we
re brought later to Rome , by the Apostle of the Slavs, Saint Cyril, & in 989 Pope John XV sent
his skull to Prince of Kyiv, Volodymyr the Great , after he embraced the Christian faith. It's like
ly that Christianity , spread at a very early date , from the Hellenistic colonies, on the northern
Black Sea coast to the neighbouring Slavic tribes, in the southern parts of the today’s Ukraine

9th Century AD: The first Rus’ eparchy , was created by the ruling Patriarch of Constantinople,
probably at Tmutorokan , on the Taman Peninsula some time during the 9th century. After the
decline of the Khazars , Prince of Kyiv , Sviatoslav I Ihorovych , called the Conqueror , annexed
the Tmutorokan principality (khaganate) , to his realm in 965& from 970 until the 12th century
the eparchs of Tmutorokan , styled themselves archbishops . After the conversion of Rus’ pro
per and the capture of Korsun , they may have become the proto-hierarchs of the Rus’ church.



Volodymyr (Vladimir) the Great: According to tradition Christianity spread from Moravia to Ga
licia and then to Volhynia, where a bishop resided in Volodymyr-Volynskyi before Grand Prince
Volodymyr the Great adopted Christianity. The population of Kyivan Rus’ along the main water
routes was baptized gradually. The larger centers were converted first followed by the outlying
regions. The process did not always take place as smoothly as it had in Kyiv. Most of the oppo
sition, came from the pagan priests who had little influence in southern Rus’ but in the north in
Novgorod , the Great Suzdal & Belozers, incited the people to hostile acts against the Christian
priests. For long, the pagan religion, mostly its rites, was practiced alongside Christian religion

Embrace of Christianity: With the adoption of Christianity , Christian writings, words & culture
spread throughout Ukraine. Volodymyr the Great established schools and built churches , first
in Kyiv & then in other cities. Priests from Chersonese Taurica (Korsun), who spoke the Slavic
tongue, served as teachers. The liturgy was in Slavonic , and this made the religion less alien.
The introduction of Christianity did not lead to Byzantium's political domination of Rus’, but ra
ther to new contacts between Rus’ and its closer and more distant neighbors. Volodymyr atte
mpted to secure for the new church, the same position in the structure of his state as it enjoy
ed within Byzantine Empire. Christianity gave religious unity to Volodymyr the Great's domain.



Mykolaiv had become a great industrial center in the South of Ukraine . Mykolaiv was a major
Jewish centre of Russian Empire in the 19th century. In 1918 , Mykolaiv survived its first occu
pation by foreign troops. In 1920 , Soviet power was established there. In the post-war period
Mykolaiv became one of the main shipbuilding centers of the USSR , with three full shipyards.


In recent times , during the Euromaidan protests (a wave of demonstrations and civil unrest in
Ukraine in 2013) Mykolaiv was the scene of anti-Yanukovich protests. After the victory of Euro
maidan , the situation calmed down for a period , but in spring 2014 there was renewed unrest
as pro-Russians tried to take power in the city . However , Pro-Ukrainians stopped the attempt.


Mykolaiv is located on a peninsula , in Ukraine's 'steppe region' , 65 kilometers from the Black
Sea , along the estuary of Southern Bug river ( where it meets the Inhul River ) . Both the Inhul
River & the Southern Bug River, follow very winding courses , just before they join at the north
east corner of Mykolaiv. This has created several long & narrow peninsulas, just north of city.


The city's climate is moderately continental , with mild winters and hot summers. Mykolaiv is
divided into 4 districts: the Tsentralnyi District (city north-west, includes the historic center of
Mykolaiv), the Zavodskyi District (city west, includes many industrial enterprises), the Inhulsk
yi District (city east) and the Korabelnyi District (city south, includes Kulbakino military base).


The city also has several electronic industries . The enterprise "Zoriya – Mashproekt" manufa
ctures equipment used in ships and products used for transportation of natural gas and gene
ration of electricity. Prominent is also the Mykolaiv AluminiaFactory which produces aluminia
raw material for aluminum-production. The city too has a developed food processing industry


Mykolaiv, being an important strategic city in southern Ukraine , has a significant Ukrainian mi
litary presence , including the shipyards, that build Ukraine's surface, navy ships , the Mykolaiv
Ukrainian Navy base , the "MARP" aircraft repair factory (Mykolaiv), and the Kulbakino military
base (Ukrainian army) which is situated in the Mykolaiv Oblast, outside of the city of Mykolaiv


There are several universities in Mykolaiv incl. Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbu
ilding. There are 3 performingarts theaters in Mykolaiv: the Academic Ukrainian Theater of Dr
ama and Musical Comedy, the Mykolaiv State Puppet Theater and the Mykolaiv Academic Art
Russian Drama Theater. The Mykolaiv Oblast Philharmonic Orchestra performs in the city too.


Mykolaiv has the following museums: Mykolayiv Regional Museum of Local History, The Mus
eum of Shipbuilding and Fleet , the Museum of the World War II Partisan Movement , the V. V.
Vereshchagin Art Museum. Other sights: St. Nicholas Cathedral, Mykolaiv Observatory, St. Jo
seph Catholic Church, Fairytale (Skazka) kid park, Shukhov Tower, Monument to Shipbuilders.


Additional sights: the well known Mykolaiv zoo, and a war memorial set up in the recreational
park 'Victory' in memory of people from Mykolaiv who lost their lives during the war in Afghan
istan. The city furthermore has many hotels , shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It hosts
yearly festivals. Mykolaiv is a city of sports with a basketball team & MFC Mykolaiv (football).​


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October 3, 2009

The Host venue for FSC #140 October 2020 is : the Central City Stadium , in Mykolaiv
Ukraine. Stadion Tsentralnyi as it is called in Ukrainian, is a stadium which was built in 1965.
Currently it has a capacity of 16.700, in an all-seater configuration. It is the home stadium of
the football club MFC Mykolaiv. It is primarily a sports venue but has on occasion been used
for other cultural activities as well, for the local community, including some entertainment ev
ents & music concerts. On these occasions the stadium is prepared logistically for the event
They are proud to welcome everyone to Mykolaiv , & to host this evening’s edition of the FSC.




Our lovely Hosts this evening are:

Maksym Samchyk and Max Devizorov


Maksym Samchyk was born on 27th August 1996 in Brovary , Ukraine. He is an actor , known
for ‘Foxter & Max’ (2019) , ‘Pulse’ (2020) , and ‘Koly padayut dereva’ (2018) . He stars in the tv
show ‘First Swallows’ ( co-stars with Maksym Devizorov ). He is happy to co-host FSC tonight

Max ( or Maksym ) Devizorov was born on 3rd February 1996 in Kyiv , Ukraine . He is an actor
with a long filmography , from 2012 to 2020 , having acted in many movies . He stars in the tv
show ‘First Swallows’ ( co-stars with Maksym Samchyk ) . He is happy to co-host FSC tonight


And we are now pleased to announce

The Opening Act

an exclusive International Guest Appearance
by the popular reformed UK Dance-pop group


performing their new Euro -
pop banger released in 2020

’What The Future Holds’

Once again, welcome to the 140th edition of the Forum Song Contest.

Let the Show begin!



We are pleased to announce

The Interval Acts

a Special National Artist Performance
by the talented Ukrainian folk -quartet


performing one of
their popular songs

’Plyve Choven’


a Special National Artist Performance
by the Ukrainian indie -pop style band


performing one of
their popular songs


We are pleased to announce

The Closing Act

an exclusive International Guest Appearance
by the popular Azerbaijani/Italian pop-artists

Vaqif Nağıyev & In-Grid

in a collaboration singing a
beautiful & emotional song

’Ümid yağışı (Drops of Hope)’

Thank You - and Good Night - from Mykolaiv - Ukraine!


7 day Evaluation Period
The Evaluation Period is 7 days from the beginning of the contest. If you find any songs that
you believe may break the FSC Rules , please contact the FSC Mods via PM (off the boards)

Voting deadline
27th October, 23:59 CET

Vote Collector (PM)

OR Use your FSC Private Forum

Keep in mind, that only votes submitted in your FSC Private Forum, or sent to the FSC Mod Vote
Collector, after the Evaluation Period is finished - and within the voting deadline - will be counted

Enjoy! - and Good Luck To All Entries!




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October 3, 2009
Welcome, everyone to beautiful Mykolaiv, Ukraine! xcheer

In the tradition of the FSC Shows I host/create, the opening and closing acts are International acts specifically invited to this event for your entertainment and enjoyment, to supplement the National acts (the 2 Ukrainian interval acts selected by the Ukraine jury + the previous month’s Ukrainian winner) that are also part of the FSC Show presentation.

In addition, there are 7 selected Ukrainian ‘Bonus’ music videos hidden/linked beneath (also some smaller) pictures/flags in the presentation (most of them chosen by the Ukraine jury), so check well and make sure you don’t miss any of the songs!

This edition’s theme is: ‘Church of Ukraine: In Darkness and Light’, another interesting journey into Ukrainian history. Religion plays a part in countries’ histories all around the world, and it is often a path of challenges and hardships, of conviction and change, of faith and belief. The journey is sometimes dark and difficult at times but arriving in the light of fullfillment. So is also the story in Ukraine. The accompanying Show-banners parallel this theme with stylish and mysterious images of a set of older Church buildings captured in the spiritual twilight between Darkness and Light.

Enjoy this FSC October Show from the beautiful Southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv

Ps. As mentioned before, due to technical restrictions here in this forum on max amount of images pr post I have been forced to divide my huge, detailed and intricate Show-presentation into 2 parts/posts (not ideal but necessary in the circumstances). I have made the division at a natural point in the Show, about half-way. It should not take away from the enjoyment of the presentation, but I mention it in case anyone wondered xup


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March 7, 2012
Thank you for this wonderful show! (y) I see two songs which I have suggested and I am ready to listen and discover all other songs now. :)

I think I should visit Mykolaiv together with Odesa one day. I have heard about seaside resorts in Mykolaiv oblast: Kobleve, Ochakiv. :love:


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April 13, 2017
Amazing show Malagant! I am looking forward to listening to new songs. Good luck to all countries! xcheer

For October 2020 :rs: chose a ballad with touching lyrics . Klinika (Clinic) is a sad story about a woman that's being ruined by a toxic relationship from which she can't escape because she still loves her man, even though he constantly humiliates her. You can find complete lyrics translation in FSC Promotions Thread xup


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October 3, 2009
:no: For October 2020 Norway goes for melodic Electronic Dance Music (EDM)! xup Performer of “Alone, Pt. II”, and returning to the FSC for Norway after 10 months, is the famous British-Norwegian EDM-Producer and artist Alan Walker, this time featuring Ava Max on vocals. This is a sequel to his 2016-single “Alone”. For more information and promotion of the entry (including lyrics in English) please check out the FSC Norway-thread and/or the FSC Promotions-thread! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Good luck to all entries this month - and remember as always, stay healthy and safe!


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February 21, 2020
Lausanne, Switzerland

The evaluation period has ended, and you may now begin to send your votes for this edition. You can send in your votes either directly to me by PM, or by posting them in your Country's Private Forum.

Please make sure to send in your complete vote before the deadline:

Tuesday, October 27 @ 23:59 CET

No late votes will be accepted once the deadline has passed!

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September 19, 2017
RANDOM TOP 23 by :ba: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  10. USA
  12. RUSSIA
  16. ITALY
  19. CANADA
  23. ISRAEL
Good job all of you! I really don't know how to vote, because these songs are so good. I really love each song and I'll probably listen it 'x' times to make my list of points. Well done once again! xheyaxheart



November 8, 2015
Ternopil, Ukraine
I'd just like to point out the extreeeeeeeemly high level of this edition. Not only it's held in my homeland, not only it's got a spiritual-related topic, but the overall music rate is above the skies x12points The 10 (!) songs from my points-list are to be added to my playlist xmetalThank you and good luck to everyone!
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