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  • Hello! You are one of my favourite forum members.
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    Aaaw thank you (I just saw this right now, months later haha), but really thank you much appreciated :)
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    Hey there, just didn't want to spam FSC thread much more as I have a lot to write. :)

    I actually spent 2 months in Stockholm doing Erasmus+ volunteering and I loved the city! xheart I arrived when snow started melting in February and many people told me it's wrong time to come, but I enjoyed it even with wet shoes. :lol: I also had a chance to enjoy sunny weather for a week or two. Aaaand actually I am flying there tomorrow again (for few "pleasure" days only this time) as I found some cheap plane tickets... So I hope weather will be nice and cherry blossom trees will still look as great as they did on pics for past few days! xcheer I also went to Melfest final - as true ESC fan it would be a sin to miss it while being in city. :D Anyway, I didn't really have high expectations of the city before coming, but it really surprised me with its cleanliness and diversity (much different compared to Croatia in this aspect). I could even imagine myself living there.

    Are you from Sthlm?
    I'm so confused about the whole Ukraine issue tbh. So many contradicting news reports. I check various sources from all over the world. And there's always something different.
    Your inbox is again full, so I will post here what I wanted to send you via PM: FSC mod team agreed to ask you if you wish to host FSC Congrats 2013, since you were the one who had the idea. What do you think? You can count on any help you want from us. :D
    When it's above 33 C here it's hard not to be happy :lol:, it's so quiet and nice here :) how is it there in the great cold Sweden? :D
    Hmm, i'm not sure, I can get why you say it's messy, I think people are more mature there (And in some parts even slutty) :p and I've been there for almost 5 years :O so it's a great fun there, but I guess it's not for everyone :)
    And we might not even talk about the same forum :O
    Either way, how are you? :)
    " what forbidden forum?"

    Another big eurovision forum on the web, with many members from here that are there (like moi), saying the name of the forum here is censored and forbidden, that's why people name the forbidden forum :p
    xrofl2 xrofl2

    Just click on the box next to the message you want to delete and scroll down, you will see a dropdown button that says 'moderation tools' then select delete. I didn't realize how gigantic the image was xrofl2 HE IS SOOOO HOT :lol:
    It somehow struck me during the results show. I think you were a Legend before. xthink
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