It’s been a month since Norma John won the Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu and now Norma John are preparing to represent Finland in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, Ukraine. Today, the duo have found time to talk to us.

Hello Norma John

First of all thank you for your time talking to us. How are you ? Can you introduce yourselves ? What can you tell us about yourself?

Hello Escunited! We are doing great, thank you for asking! We are Norma John from Finland. Norma John is a indie band of two friends; Leena and Lasse. We have been making music and songs together since we were teenagers. It’s our passion and we love it!

You won Uuden Musiikin Kilpailuun with your song “Black Bird”. Firstly What can you tell us about the song? Will you do any chances to the song and to the performance it’s self?

The song is about loosing some-one. It is a song that almost everyone can relate to, because we´ve all been there! But we don’t think of it as just a sad song, it feels hopeful and empowering to us too. Music can help us through difficult things in our lives.

What was the inspiration for the song, and did you write it specifically for Uuden Musiikin Kilpailuun and Eurovision?

The song came first. Our method of writing music is just to write what you feel and what sounds good to us. It easily comes too “calculated” if you start writing it directly to a purpose. We mean it doesn’t work for us. When the song was written it felt it is strong enough for this competition and that we can stand behind it 100% !

What is your impression of the Eurovision Song Contest in general? Do you watch it every year? What is your favourite entry?

Yes we watch it! When we were little, we always watched it with our families! Now we follow the final, and are always interested on the songs! And ESC is a great and important format to cross borders and help forward equality

This year’s theme for the Eurovision Song Contest is Celebrating Diversity. What was your first thought when you first heard about this year’s theme? 

It’s a great theme! We can all be who we want to be and we need to accept people as they are. And stop the hating! That is venom, that does not do anyone any good!

Apart from the Eurovision Song Contest ,where would you dream to do a performance?

Maddison square garden…? Haha, we don’t know! Any place at this time is great if we can perform our own music to people who want to hear it!

Who will be your biggest support on your Eurovision Journey?

Our families, friends and fans! All of the support is very important to us. We need the love 😀

What is your biggest success so far for you? 

What a good question! But hard to answer! Hmmm…

Can you tell us about your first experience with music?

We both have loved music since we were little and started all kind of music related hobbies. Together we started writing songs when we were teenagers!

What ís the best bit of advice you have ever been given?

Just be ourselves. That is exactly what we are going to do!

You can watch Norma John’s winning performance on this link below

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