Oscar Zia is young Swedish artist who already have a rich career for yourself. Zia was born in 1996 and with the age of 16 he participated at X Factor and finished 8th overall between 12 final contestants.  In 2014 (when he was still 17) Oscar make it to the final of Melodifestivalen and finished 8th with his song ‘Yes we can’. At this Saturday’s night Oscar Zia will compete at Semi-Final 3 of Melodifestivalen and that’s the reason we talked to him.

Thank you for taking  your time and talking to us – Could you describe yourself to our readers in five words?

-Energetic, determined, focused, thoughtful and a bit crazy.

Looking at your semi-final, which other artist’s music do you like best?

– Most artists in my heat are quite new in the business so I don´t know. But I have heard some of the songs in my heat and they are all very good.

In case you don’t win – which of the other artists do you think has the biggest chance of winning?

– Ace Wilder. She has a great song and I think that she´s very cool.

How would you describe your song in a few words?

– Big, meaningful, interesting, good and stripped down.

Yes We Can or Human?

-Yes We Can was a great song for me at that time and it´s a good pop song. But Human is a song from the heart and the lyrics mean so much to me that it is impossible to compare the two of them. So, I will say Human.

You were part of the Swedish jury for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Your favourite back then was Running by András Kállay-Saunders from Hungary. What do you remember about that song?

– The lyrics about abuse really touched me, and the sound was very up-to-date. It had a little edge too, so yeah it was ”my winner” that year.

What is your all time favourite Melodifestivalen song/ESC song?

– Christian Walz ”Like Suicide” from 2011 and Lena Philipsson ”Det gör ont” from 2004. From Eurovision I prefer Sertabs Turkish ESC-winner ”Every Way That I Can” from 2003.

Tell us about the song and how it came about?

– Human was born at a time in my life where I had a lot of thoughts about who I am and who I wanted to be. It was spring 2015 and I was about to graduate when all these thoughts hit me. So one night I had to get out of bed and write down these lyrics that just came to me.

What can you tell us about what you will wear during Melodifestivalen, who is designing it?

– Camilla Thulin and I have worked together on my clothes. I had an idea and she made it reality. It´s very classy with a touch of Milano.

Is there an album planned after Melodifestivalen, what will that sound like?

– Later on there will be an album, of course. But I don´t want to rush it. I write a lot of songs but I also keep rejecting them, it´s hard to be completely satisfied with a song. But if you like Human I think your will enjoy the album as well.

Dear Oscar, we want you all the best in coming Melodifestivalen and we want you to achieve all these dreams. Thank you for the interview!

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