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Today it was announced that the Armenian entry has been renamed in an attempt to remove any questions regarding the meaning of the song.

A number of speculations regarding the meaning of the Armenian song have been circulating since the song was revealed, and it has been decided that the title “Don’t Deny” should be changed to “Face The Shadow”. The song itself has been accepted by the Eurovision organisers and therefore not in any breach of the rules.

The meaning of the song “Face the Shadow” is to unite people, bring people together in harmony, which was the initial meaning of the Eurovision Song Contest. Armenian TV channel has stated that the song means“Happiness is born when people are united and live in harmony with themselves, their families, love relationships and so on. Generations are shifting with time but the genealogy remains, thus the values of love and peace are stable”.

Armenia was not the only country having people cast doubt upon the meaning of the song, another countries song has been described as having political intent. Will the Eurovision organisers take these opinions into account? Only time will tell.

The Armenian song “Face the Shadow” will be performed by Genealogy in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in May.

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  1. […] a trimis la Viena o melodie cu aluzie metaforică la genocidul armean negat de Turcia, care anul acesta nu participă din nou la Eurovision. ESCToday […]

  2. Ka'a Kerr

    March 17, 2015 at 12:59

    a good move to promote the theme of building bridges.

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