Feels Like The First Time – Thinking about Eurovision, there have always been new things occurring, This year is no different, we are the 12th of February and we already know of a few things which will happen that have never happened before. So let’s take a look at what is New For Vienna…  (In an editorial stealing the name from a line in a song in Malta’s NF in 2012, Kaya ‘First Time’.

1. Getting Scientific


Nina from Georgia will be the first person to sing the word ‘Oximated’ on the Eurovision stage, during her performance of ‘Warrior’. (Oximated is a scientific word meaning to convert to oxime, an oxime being: any of various compounds containing the divalent group C=NOH and obtained chiefly by the action of hydroxylamine on aldehydes and ketones, as if you didn’t already know)

2. C’mon Aussie C’mon


2015 will be the first time ever that Australia have participated in the Eurovision Song Contest. After being a good friend of the contest over many years, Australia will be able to compete in the world’s favourite song contest.

3. Proshchay Ukrayiny


This will be the first time since 2002 when Ukraine will not have been present in the Eurovision Song Contest. They debuted in 2003 with ‘Hasta La Vista’, won in 2004 with ‘Wild Dances’, and what will be their last participation (at least until next year) ‘Tick Tock’ in 2013.



2015 will see two countries (Malta and Georgia), perform a song entitled ‘Warrior’. This will be the first time in Eurovision history that two countries send a song with the same title to the same contest. Georgia’s Nina will perform ‘Warrior’ in Semi-Final 1, whilst Amber from Malta will perform ‘Warrior’ in Semi-Final 2.

5. We Are UNITED!


Armenia will attempt to unite the world when they have six participants performing from five continents (Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, America). All acts have Armenian heritage, although live elsewhere (except the two from Armenia). The group are called Genealogy and they will perform ‘Don’t Deny’ in Vienna. The official announcements of the members is still to be made.

So there are five things that are new for 2015, what else will be the first time in Vienna? Maybe Cyprus will not give 12 points to Greece? Maybe there will be no issues with the pronunciation of Azerbaijan? (Yes Lynda Woodruff we are talking to you). Maybe we will see Portugal FINALLY take the trophy home? Only time will tell.

This editorial does not reflect the views of ESC United as a whole and the article is purely personal opinion of the author.

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