At ESC UNITED, we aim to highlight all aspects of Eurovision entries.  This includes the many individuals who help behind the spotlight.  We are excited to have chatted with Liga Robezniece, who sang backup for Anmary this past year in Baku, and for the winning entry “I Wanna” from 2002.  This year, Liga was at Dziesma 2013 helping her friend Ingars Vilums (of Brainstorm) get set for the performance of the song he wrote “Give Me A Try,” which was performed by Ivo Grisnins Grislis.  Before the semi-finals of Dziesma 2013, Liga was kind enough to chat with us.

ESC UNITED: Hello Liga. Many of us know you were part of the winning delegation in 2002 with Marie N and “I Wanna,” but how did you become a part of Anmary’s team this year in 2012?
LIGA: After the victory at the Latvian National Selection for Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, they wanted people who were experienced and could give their two cents performing. That’s how I got invited. I could not resist the opportunity. 

ESC UNITED: This time around, how would you describe your Eurovision experience in Baku? 
LIGA: I was aware of the nature of the event to be attended. It was a celebration I had participated once before. As for me, it is a global celebration, but it is also a job close to my heart that has to be accomplished for all 100%.

ESC UNITED: Do you feel it was different being a backup singer as opposed to the lead singer? Did you have more time to take in the beauty of Baku? 
LIGA: I think that the hospitality and organization that was in Baku is the prerequisite to manage anything. The day started with a jog along the promenade, scrumptious breakfast, rehearsals, sightseeing, visiting other delegations, and so on and on.  And in the evenings, enjoying the views of the “flaming” city sipping delicious wine and living the moment. Possibly, compared to Anmary, I had no stress, just the joy!

ESC UNITED: Who designed your dresses on stage?
LIGA: Karen Millen

ESC UNITED: Aside from “Beautiful Song” what other songs were you surprised to see not make the final?
LIGA: Switzerland! Awesome band, brothers and the image and attitude being on the scene!!! Rock on!

ESC UNITED: Do you still talk to Anmary or any of the other members of the delegation?
LIGA: Of course! Anmary is quite distant, but her manager is in contact with me now and then. And, not to be forgotten, the soul of the delegation – Zita Kaminska! I think the relationships that formed during the Eurovision weeks are to last. She is such an amazing person who loves her job! The producer of the Latvian final, Mr. Dinsbergs is in touch now and then, as we knew each other since well before the Eurovision. And our common friend Aija Medinika (Head of Press for Latvia) – you cannot miss her in the Eurovision crowd!

ESC UNITED: Have your or would you consider competing for Eurovision in the future?
LIGA: I guess, in a way I am Eurovision fan. I am quite amused by those Latvians who think that this event is not for them because of a format or anything else, and that it is disrespectful for them to participate. It is a fantastic international event, viewed not only by a couple of Latvians but international people.

ESC UNITED: So we heard you’re involved with Dziesma 2013 this year? 
LIGA: I am! I have been working with Ingars Vilums (of Brainstorm) for years to promote our musical message. We have reached the semi final with the song “Give Me a Try” performed by our trusty friend Ivo Grisnins Grislis (IGG). Wish us luck!

ESC UNITED: What is next for you?
LIGA: My children, their education, enjoying winter and, of course, preparations of the “Give Me a Try” performance.

ESC UNITED: Liga, we thank you for your time and wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!


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  1. Roy van der Merwe

    February 13, 2013 at 10:00

    I have to apologize – Aija, head of press of Latvia has just informed me that INGARS is the best base player in Latvia. I feel very sorry for this mistake – but people who know me knows that I see somanynew faces each year that I just tend to forget all their titles. I hope this doe snot cause bad feelings with Liga or Ingars – Latvia is very special to me and we just want the best for them and hopefully they will qualify for the finals in Malmo

  2. Roy van der Merwe

    February 11, 2013 at 17:27

    I was lucky enough to see Liga with MARIE N and with ANMARY, hope the song she is involved with the durmmer of Brainstorm wins, and then she would be at EUROVISION a third time

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