Every year our “Expert” Panel comes together to judge all entries for the Eurovision Song Contest and they’re back to take apart the 2013 entries and rank them accordingly. While their characters and comments may be wacky, the scores are dead serious. All 13 panelists will comment on the song and rank them accordingly giving it points using a scale from five to zero. At the end you’ll also get to cast your vote in the poll. If you would learn more about the panelists and to discuss the show, join us on our Forum HERE

Let’s have a look at the current scoreboard:




Tonight the Panel is going to comment and rank the Irish entry. Ryan Dolan won the NF with his song “Only love survives”, let’s find out how many points it received.


[vsw id=”iGaZKoim43U” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”yes”]



5 Points


Another homage to me, this time from the land of saints and scholars! Often when they perform the autopsy on some of my victims, they find the food is still intact! Clearly, only the love that I put into my food survives! I will be voting for this song, however I do hope that I can cook digestible food someday!


4 Points

 Barb E Dahl

He is soooooo cute & looks like an Irish Mr. Potatoe head. I really like this song and the youthful voice of the singer .




3 Points

 Petronella Poetry

An entry that doesn’t feel irish. Aren’t you going to send balladish? Well still a nice song with nice message. But the excitement and the build up in the song is more like lettuce. Plain and good for you. But all you want is to have a stew.


Scotty Too HottyThis is cheese-tastic! Surely Europe will like this dancetrack coined with pop vocals? If Jedward can qualify twice then surely thiswill? You can’t help but tap your foot to this tune, can you? The song is agood attempt at bringing a little more seriousness yet fun element to thecontest and Ryan isn’t a bad looking fellow…maybe we could start a boy band? IFthis does qualify, I’m pretty certain it won’t top 10 because I just think it’sa little dated – more 90’s early 00’s. This will need all the irish charmpossible to do well.



2 Points



1 Point

King Valentino XVIII ate trash that thinks it is cool. What an abysmal song. It has ruined my Saints Patrick day hearing it. I no understand what is wrong with this country lately. This country give us Enya, B*Witched, Samantha Mumba, Linda Martin, Ann Robinson, Leprecycorns YETAA why so much they send a rubbish to represent them in the eurovision song contest? Don’t they feel embarrassed? Enya needs to be awoken from her castle.


RobertOh, I’m not young enough to enjoy such kind of songs. Too much noise music brings me a headache. I don’t find it good enough to take a high position. It’s very mediocre pop-dance song which can be only played at discos during the show breaks. If we say about lyrics, I hardly can remember what he is singing about. Younger audience can support it, but my verdict won’t be positive



Glittery S BobWhat can I say about Iceland? Boring … old … flat … I really don’t have anything special to say, maybe the fact that he has a pleasant voice, but this isn’t enough for me. Sorry, Ireland!




Grandpa WatermanRubbish!



Britni SpirsovicI wish I never listened to this song. Ryan Dolan sounds decent and matches well his song, but his backing vocalists destroy the already horrid song. After listening to this song, you’d be lucky if you survive. Dolan pls.


Alex ChandhokThis is a poorly produced, cheesy synth pop number that grates very quickly and is massively repetitive. It just sounds so amateur and reflects the current state of Ireland at Eurovision. The use of the drums is a nice touch, and the singing isn’t that bad, but it sounds like background music. This kind of music is popular at the moment, but this is hardly a good example of it, and I feel Ireland will have to press hard just to get in to the final.


0 Points

Emma Magnuson Ireland, the country of beautiful Celtic music, Johnny Logan etc, what have you done? Do you have a music crisis over there and you produce only talentless overpolished “singers” like this guy who can’t hit a correct note, and Jedward? Or too much beer harmed all the nation and the new generation cannot develop properly? This has no explanation at all, I’m so sorry about it…



Dark MasterWell, well, what did the wolf brought here? Certainly not an Irish stew. Even though this song is not offensive, it is too bland for a pop/dance track and I do find it repulsive. He is not a good vocalist and the choreography on the NF seemed so preposterous and dry. As I do love to fail entries, it gives me a great pleasure to announce that 5 points will be taken away from Ireland.



Eau d'yre  LizzyLiz: What is this? Ah, it’s Irelands song.
Eau: He sounds like an ex-boyband member, with his typical mediocre vocals and just average type of voice.
Liz: It reminds me of of that song with “The night is ours, we can be glorious.”
Eau: But don’t they all sound the same? It’s just a slighly different version. I’m sure my 12 year old niece will think this is the greatest kind of music that has ever existed… (to be continued)






Now it’s your turn, go to our Forum HERE and vote in the poll.

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  1. rajo

    April 24, 2013 at 16:12

    Pretty mediocre song and sounds very poor sung live. I expect him to score like Tooji last year.

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