This year we will see the second edition of Supernova. LTV, the Latvian national broadcaster, last year has revamped their former concept Eurodziesma as their last qualification came in 2008 and they have finished last in the semifinal three times.

Last year Aminata won the Supernova, went to Vienna and brought back sixth place, first top ten finish since 2005. Obviously Supernova worked, so we have it this year again.

First of all I would like to say that the quality of the songs this and last year is way better than in the past. People from LTV have learned their lesson and I believe that they are thirsty to bring the country it’s second trophy from the Eurovision Song Contest.

If you still didn’t had a chance to listen to songs, now would be the moment. You can do it on the official SoundCloud page of Supernova here:

DVINES – Set It On Fire – I find it as a funky song with cool groove and interesting lyrics. We didn’t see much songs like this on Eurovision stage, so I’m curious to see it there.

Catalepsia – Damnation – Northern hard sound. Even though coming from Latvia, I can totally imagine them like Vikings. If this song eventually go to Eurovision it would definitely wake up the viewers from Australia.

Crow Mother – Demons – This song is so made for a teenage horror movie. It even has a suitable title. On the moments there are screams which I kinda didn’t like so much, but the music it self is not bad at all.

Edwards Grieze – New Day – What would Latvian national selection be without some bad songs. It does sound like a MTV tune, but it is a bit irritating me, not sure if it’s his squicky voice or the music.

ElektroFolk – Miracle Drums – They are one of the early fan favorites. It’s folkish song, it has a lot of drumming, but I prefer their last year entry. I’m not sure if they would do well in Stockholm.

Iluta Alsberga – On Hold – Two words – Electro pop. It’s not amazing, but it is very good. Kinda reminds me on Blitzkids entry from German national final from 2013.  One of my concers are would she be able to sing it like this live.

Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis – We Are The Light – It started slow and I’ve expected to rise and rise and rise, but it stayed kinda mellow. At least it has a bit of dubsmash, one of the few good things about it.

Justs – Heartbeat – Another fan favorite, mostly because Aminata wrote the song. Totally her style, but not sure if it’s his. The song and the lyrics are sooooooo good. Though, I am so sorry because he doesn’t have the potential to bring it.

Markus Riva – I Can  If I am not wrong, this is Markus’s third time in Latvian national final and I believe that it will be the charm. He remained loyal to his style and I think this is kind of songs Latvia needs if they want to qualify for the final.

Marta Grigale – Choices – Another funky groovy song. Just like the last one. I don’t have anything against seeing it on Eurovision stage. This one even has better lyrics, saying There is always a choice.

Marta Ritova – Not From This World – Marta obviously isn’t from this world. If she was, she would know that this kind of songs not often do well on Eurovision. Luckily there are many much better songs in Supernova.

Mārtiņš Ruskis – Still Holding Stars – I was hoping to hear some ballads today. When I finally got one, it just wasn’t good. His vocal capabilities are also questionable.

Miks Dukurs – Paradise – It maybe started as a ballad, but man how it gets good. It’s like dubsmah, funk and electro pop had a baby. With some songs, I would love to see hear this song in May, even twice.

MyRadiantU – We Will Be Stars – It very hard to make a duet to have charisma working between artists. Oh boy, how they did it. This is the type of song that would work perfectly on Eurovision. Imagine Monster like me on steroids.

Paula Dukure – Look In The Mirror – On moments it’s good, on moments it’s just like a trainwreck. She has the voice, but she has the wrong song.

Rūta Dūduma – Being A Friend – Ballad love song that sounds just like it’s made for a Disney movie. Nothing special, there are some cute parts, but overall it’s a bit boring.

Samanta Tīna – The Love Is Forever –  Why oh why? Samanta has a beautiful powerful voice and she has spent her time and energy on this crappy song. Luckily she has another one running.

Samanta Tīna – We Live For Love – Now this is something I want to see from her! Finally she has a song filled with potential for victory at Latvian NF since I need a hero. I can just imagine performance full of wind and smoke.

Sabīne Berezina – My Inspiration – I could also imagine this coming from MTV. It is interesting, but not so much Eurovisionish. It has a slow start but as it is going it’s bursting with live tunes.

Madara Grēgere – You and I – Don’t know if I’m tired of listening all the songs, this being the last one, but it just sounds as a trainwreck. It is kinda jazz tune and we all know how jazz goes with Eurovision.

So in the end I would highlight some of mine personal favorites and they are Iluta Alsberga, Markus Riva, Miks Dukurs, MyRadiantU and Samanta Tina’s We Live For Love. Tell us who is your favorite. Who would you like to se becoming Aminata’s successor?

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