Tonight Spain will select it’s 56th entrant. After last year’s internal choice of Edurne, RTVE is back with national final with six hopefuls.

The running order for tonights show is like this:

  1. Maverick
  2. Barei
  3. Xuso Jones
  4. Salvador Beltran
  5. Maria Isabel
  6. Electric Nana

The winner will be determined by televote – 40%, international jury – 30% and artistic jury made of Loreen, Edurne & Carlos Marín – 30%.

As interval acts, Edurne, Loreen, D’Nash, Coral Segovia, Brequette, Mirela & Jorge González will perform a medley of Spanish songs.

Before the show kicks off, tell us who do you want to win Objetivo Eurovision.

We want to hear it from you.
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And the show has sarted with the medley of Eurovision winning songs. Boys and girls are dressed up as some of the winners like ABBA, Dana International, Loreen…

First performance tonight is reserved for Loreen and Euphoria. Funny, she’s not barefoot, she’s wearing a pair of boots.

And now Maverick, Barei, Xuso, Beltran, Maria Isabel and Electric Nana are performing snippets of their entries.

Our host is introducing us with the artistic jury – Edurne, Loreen and Carlos Marin.
In the international jury there are Italy, France, United Kingdom, and Sweden.

And first up tonight is Maverick with Mundo Un mundo más feliz.
He has three dancers with him. He pulled out a girl from the audience and she turned out to be the fourth dancer.
Maverick is giving a solid vocal performance. He looks very cute and he is so enjoying his performance.

Edurne said that he performed very good and that he doesn’t look nervous at all even though he was first in line.

Barei is next with Say Yay. She is one of the fan favorites. She is in a glittery black dress and boy she feels good performing. Barei has five backing vocals, but she doesn’t need any dancers as she owns the stage.

Carlos said to Barei that she really used her energy tonight.

Xuso Jones is performing third and he is also one of the hot favorites.
Xuso has three backing vocals and two violin players who also serve as backing vocals.
He’s giving all of him even having a bit of stage fright.
And in the last refrain the stage blew up in smoke.

Loreen said that she would like to say many things, but the most important thing is that he is very sophisticated on stage and that she thinks that he will do very well in future.

Performing fourth tonight is Salvador Beltran.
Salvador is singing and playing a guitar. His Latino entry is fulfilled with three drumers and two dancers/backing vocals on stage.

Last hot favorite of the night is performing fifth and it is Maria Isabel, who won the second edition of Junior Eurovision and as she says now she wants to win the big Eurovision.
Maria has four dancers with her. She is wearing a sexy seethrough black dress with pearls and of course there are some wind effects.

Edurne told to Maria Isabel that she really liked her dancing moves and told her that she was singing very good even with dance moves, what is sometimes very hard thing to do.

Last act tonight is Electric Nana with Now.
Nana is having a full band with her and also some smoke and fire effects. Even though not being one of the hot favorites her vocal performance is amazing. She is in a black shirt and leather jacket and short red skirt. Very flirty performance.

Loreen said that Nana showed a lot of girl power and that it’s something we need to see more.

So we saw all the acts from tonights show.
Now we are going into backstage to hear it from the families of the candidates.
Maverick’s family said that he was working very hard for this.
Barei’s mom told her that she loves her no matter what.
Xuso’s family said that at first they didn’t believe he’s gonna part of this show.

Xuso is also currently most trending on twitter, but Barei is just 1% behind.

While the jury is making their minds, performers are answering the questions came from twitter.

And the lines are closed.
Now we will see some interval acts before the winner is announced.
Who would you like to be?

Brequette performed Dime, Jorge Gonzalez performed Dile que la quiero, Coral performed Algo Pequenito, Mirela performed Dancing in the rain and D’Nash performed Lady, Lady.

Edurne is now out on stage performing Amanecer live.
She sounds much better than she did last May.

First up to vote is international jury.

15 points are for Electric Nana
18 points are for Maria Isabel
21 points are for Maverick
24 points are for Xuso Jones
30 points are for Barei
36 points are for Salvador Beltran

Edurne gave 8 points to Electric Nana, 10 points to Xuso Jones and 12 points to Barei.

Carlos gave 8 points to Maverick, 10 points to Xuso Jones and 12 points to Barei.

Loreen gave 8 points to Electric Nana, 10 points to Xuso Jones and 12 points Barei.

The results of the televoting are like this:

20 points go to Salvador Beltran
24 points go to Maverick
28 points go to Electric Nana
32 points go to Maria Isabel
40 points go to Xuso Jones
42 points go to Barei

So the winner and the next representative of Spain is Barei with Say Yay.

How do you like the newest Spanish act for Eurovision?

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  1. Jake Lewis

    February 1, 2016 at 22:48

    Barei is the best up to now, she could do well. Liked both songs though

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