Slovenian representatve from Moscow and regional record holder for the most Eurovision perfmormances has been quite busy lately as she has performed on several festival in Croatia.

In Šibenik during the Evening of Dalmatian Chansons she graced the stage with a touching ballad Volin kad si tu (Love it when you’re here). It was a huge honor for her to perform at the festival as many of local popular singers have also performed there. Martina was very lucky as she perfomed at the festival for the first time and jury awarded her third prize.

Lastly, Martina teamed up with klapa Tić to perform Dajem ti besedu (Giving you the speach) in Rijeka for the famous festival Melodije Istre i Kvarnera.

These festivals were just some small steps in her rich career as she has been going on world tours with Tereza Kesovija, Zdravko Čolić, Novi Fosili, Severina and Nina Badrić.

What do #YOU think about Martina’s new songs? Do #YOU want to see her back at Eurovision? Tell us all about it in comments bellow.

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