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Slovenia: Martina Majerle is in full swing

Slovenian representatve from Moscow and regional record holder for the most Eurovision perfmormances has been quite busy lately as she has performed on several festival in Croatia. In Šibenik during the Evening of Dalmatian Chansons she graced the stage with a touching ballad Volin kad si tu (Love it when you’re here). It was a huge honor for her to perform at …

Eurovision Class of 2009: Where are they now? Semi-Final 2 eliminated contestants

The below editorial features the opinions and views of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of #escYOUnited as a whole, Eurovision or the EBU. As far as Eurovision is concerned, the 2010s are done and dusted. ESC United is currently running a series ranking the entrants that each country sent during the 2010s, and as we recap …

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