Anja Baš, Žan Serčič, Anja Kotar, San Di Ego Band, D BASE, REGINA, ManuElla, Raiven, Nuša Derenda and Sebastijan Lukovnjak are the ten hopefuls from Slovenian preselection for this years Eurovision.

After they perform, a three member jury will vote for every song with points 1 to 5. When its all summed up, two will proceed to super final where televote will decide the next Slovenian representative.

Only one can win, so before the show starts tell us who would you like it to be.

And the show has started with Klemen’s performance of Mans’s Heroes, thought in a different arrangement and with Slovenian lyrics.
We are also introduced with the jury. They are Raay, Marlena of the Sestre and Darja Švajger.

First up on stage is Anja Baš with What If.
I can say that she is a bit underdressed as she only has white pannies and top with a cave. There is also a female dancer in black sparkly dress with her on stage. Looking the performance I can say that there is something between them. Her vocal performance wasn’t perfect, but not bad at all.

Darja said that she really liked the performance and that it looked like a lady danced with her shadow. Raay and Marlenna agreed that it was really artistic.

Žan Serčić is second on stage with Summer Story. He brought his gang on stage. Žan is so cheerful on stage with a big smile on his face. He is enjoying this so much. A backing vocalist came to him a took his sleeves of that showed us his tattoo SUMMER STORY.

Raay said that Žan managed to make such a simple song to an attractive one with his performance. Darja said it was full of joy and Marlenna said it was so cute.

Anja Kotar with Too Cool is performing third. She is in a thight silver sparkly dress. Her vocal performance is amazing. Anja is also flearting with camera. All in all it was so simple, but very interesting.

Marlenna said that Anja has only 18 years and that she has such a good voice, her performance was amazing. Darja said it was very effective and Raay that her English was perfect.

San Di EGO band is performing Brez Tebe (Without You). They are one of the best hard rock bands in Slovenia. You can imagine their outfits. They are on stage with full equipment. Vocally it is perfect and strong, but I have to ask my self would it work in Eurovision?

Darja commented that it is a beatiful rock song and that the lead singer has such a strong voice.

D Base will perform second song that is entirely in Slovenian and it is Spet živ (Alive again). They are young boys performing hiphop. Music is very simple and their outfits are so classy. They are having so much fun. Also Klemen, the host came on stage a shot from a gun.

Raay said that most people think hiphop is dark, but the boys were so positive.

This will be Regina’s eighth EMA performance. She already represented Slovenia back in 1995 when she finished 21st. She is performing Alive in every way in a simple white dress decorated with black butterflies. She is joined with four dancers and a guitar player. And there was an outfit change. Now she’s in a short black sparkly dress.

Marlenna said that Regina deserves a big applause as she looks amazing even after 20 years. Raay said that it is perfect that she is holding on to her style.

ManuElla is seventh in line to perform with her song Blue & Red. She has two female backing vocalists, a guitar, piano and drums players with her on stage. Her performance is transmitted in color but also in black&white. And we have another wardrobe change. ManuElla was first in white and gold dress and at the of performance backing vocals took it of and she stayed in red dress.

Darja thinks that ManuElla gave beautiful performance. Raay said that she is full of charisma and that she has such a radio voice.

Raiven’s real name is Sara and she will perform Črno bel, last song in Slovenian. She has a unique style. Her hair somewhere between pink and purple. This is third performance in a row with clothes change. 😀 At first Raiven’s dress was white, but she turned it inside out and it turned black. She is alone on stage, but there is also a harph that she played a bit. In my opinion, song is not strong enough for Eurovision.

Raay is saying that when 43 countries are performing at Eurovision this year and if you want a chance to win, your performance has to be different and that she might has that mystical effect, what Darja agreed on. Marlenna said that she is one of the most beatiful performers tonight.

Nuša Derenda is ninth performer tonight with James Bond typed song Tip Top. Her voice is very powerful. There are four male dancers with her and a slowmotion effect was used. Do I need to mention that she brought Slovenia their last top ten finish, back in 2001 with song Energy, which she doesn’t lack even now.

Marlenna has just reminded viewers about that and added two more words TIP TOP. Darja and Raay agreed that she is not just a singer, but an artist and a performer with big P.

Sebastijan Lukovnjak is last act of the night with cheerful song Tales of tomorrow. He has three back vocals with him on stage. He looks like has a bit of stage fright, and maybe that’s why his vocal performance isn’t so perfect as we heard it on studio version aired on radio. Plus is it just me or do you also have a deja vu listening to his song? 🙂

Darja says his song is easy to remember and that she enjoyed the performance.

Jury is now giving points 1 to 5 to every song so the top two proceed to the superfinal where televote will decide the next Slovenian representative.

Maraaya are performing their newest single Nothing left for me.

ManuElla and Raiven are in the superfinal!

They both have performed again and now the voting is opened.

And Maraaya is performing again. This time with Cubismo, their Eurovision entry Here for you in a totally new arrangement.

The voting is closed now and Sestre with Klemen are performing Rise like a phoenix but with funny Slovenian lyrics, alto their esc entry Samo ljubezen.

Klemen is now on stage with Lina Kuduzović and they’re performing Prva ljubezen.

ManuElla won EMA 2016 and thus she will represent Slovenia in the second semifinal this May in Stockholm with the song Blue and red.
She won with about 130 votes over Raiven.

Do you think Slovenia made a wise choice?

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