Melodifestivalen 2016

This afternoon, Melodifestivalen Semi-Final 4 rehearsal has been held. We got our man there and here are his expections.


Well composed melodic rock with a flair of a catchy hook. Timeless song with great craftmanship. Somehow I just do not think the front singer’s vocal is strong enough but backstage he promised me that he saved his voice for tonight! Bringing rock back into the stage.

Dolly Style

The “Euphoria” team is on a derailed rollercoaster. Definately on a off day. This is probably a big hit in kindergartens and lower levels of elementary schools. Why is this not in Junior Eurovision where it would be secured a win. It should have been saved for a k-pop group.

Martin Stenmarck

Big ballad with piano intro. Sure he is a crooner and can sing. A beautiful song with a 60’s Motown feel to it. Another timeless song that might sound a little bit dated but Martin is forgiven in a heartbeat. A classic ballad but HELLO it is a TOTAL copy of Procol Harum “A whiter shade of pale” from 1967!! I kid you not. SDF is showing fun and diversity in how to cut a ballad-:)

Linda Bengtzing

Uptempo schlager with electro pop feel. She gives a killer girl performance and does not set her foot wrong. She shows us why she has a place in Mel Fest and how it is done. Do I hear a bit of Ani Lorak “Shady lady”? A huge compliment


He fits very well into the slipstream of young male soul pop vocalist but having said it also makes it hard to define his voice. The lyrics are banal and his anti hero look surely makes him popular. He struggles with delivering a confident vocal so I fear he has come as long as he can tonight. Still it could be a dark horse think Hungary.


Super catchy party song. Full power from the five men with synchron dancing and clapping. They are so busy that I could not even hear or concentrate on the lyrics. A firm fan favourite that will probably be a minor hit on iTunes for a week or two.

Molly Sanden

The girl that got everything. It has to qualify. Fantastic vocal but I still prefer her in swedish. A strong song with a dissapointing ending 🙁

Also, he added – Helena Bergström is back as comedy interval act reprising her 2012 sketches.  Get ready for a fun show. Even though I dislike kids tonights kid interval act will leave no one untouched. Not even me! 

This is going to be a funny night with amazing opening, Guy Sebastian, Jon Henrik and a lot of memories!

Do not forget to watch it live HERE.



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