We are continuing to bring you exclusive interviews with EMA participants and Sell Out is next in line. They are a big band with a brand new album, so they are more than ready for EMA as they are full with positive energy.

Guys, your style isn’t something that we can hear at Eurovision very often. Where did you get the idea to apply at EMA?

Well, we had a bit of a crisis of making our own songs, for quite a bit, but after five years it was about time for us to publish a brand new album. We saw the open call for songs and on one of our rehearsals we had a glass of fine whiskey and we were thrilled to decide to make a song especially for EMA. So now we have another song to put on our upcoming album and we are hoping that people will like some good ska rhythms.

There’s quite few members in your band and only six persons can perform on Eurovision stage and so on EMA one. Have you decided who will be performing?

There’s nine of us, so practically we are more an orchestra than a band. For sure you must have vocalists and a drumer on the stage, the rest will have to pick up straws. 🙂

Can you tell us something about your song?

It’s hard to say something smart about it. You should hear it yourself and make your mind. It’s one nice, light, melodic ska. The message of the song is – no panic, life isn’t bad if everything isn’t going the best possible way. Take it easy, it will turn the right way.

A lot of popular performers will participate at upcoming EMA, making it one of the best ones in recent years. Who do you consider as your biggest competitor?

We’re looking it differently. Strong competition is a good thing. That means there’s a lot of interest for performers and big TV ratings for EMA. In Slovenia we have a big problem musicians, where to release our new songs and how to have a successful promotion as a new band which doesn’t play mainstream music. EMA has become one of those opportunities. We are coming to enjoy and to present our band in the best possible way. And if the audience like us, that’s a step forward.

What’s your favorite Eurovision song?

There’s a saying here, wolf changes his hair, but never a whim. So Turkey sent the band Athena with For Real and they’ve earned fourth place. It is for sure an amazing song that we like to perform on our gigs and it always makes a big party in the crowd.

Would you be so kind to tell our readers something interesting about yourselve?

We come from Kočevje, the town of forests and bears. We really enjoy in what we are doing, and we are doing it for full 15 years. We are good amateurs and 100% live band. Since we record a lot of our events, we suggest to check out our youtube channel.

Guys, thank you so much! It was a pleasure talking to you.
We wish you all the best at EMA. 

The pleasure is ours. All the best to all escYOUnited fans and followers.


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