One of the competing artists in the United Kingdom’s selection Eurovision: You Decide back in January was Salena Mastroianni with the song “I Don’t Wanna Fight”.  We caught up with her after EYD and found out what she thinks about Lucie Jones and hersong “Never Give Up On You”…and a lot more!

Hello Salena! First of all I want to thank you for your time. Can you tell us something about you?

Hello! I have been singing all my life. I live in London. So far, I have performed with Rita Ora, Robbie Williams as a backing vocalist and supported Ed Sheeran in 2011. I love music and I love to sing, it’s something that I always wanted to do. I was preselected to perform on Eurovision: You Decide 2017 after I performed the backing vocals in 2016 in the same show.

How did you feel performing in the UK’s national final?

I absolutely loved performing on the show. It was something I’ve never done before, to perform to such a huge crowd in a well known venue AND live on TV is something I’ve never experienced and I loved every minute.

I’ve had a fair bit of criticism about singing off key or out of time but to be honest it’s okay. Yes, I didn’t sing my best but if you read what I wrote… this was my first time! Even Adele stopped the Grammy’s because she was in the wrong key… nobody is perfect. However, having to dance and sing at the same time is super super hard (I can’t stress that enough) it’s like going for a run and singing at the same time… in tune!

It was very difficult but I said to my fans, if I had not even sung the way I did, I would not have danced and performed with the same energy as I gave and I gave it my all… so over all I’m really happy with my first live performance.

What can you tell us about your song ” I Don’t Wanna Fight”?

You can relate “I Don’t Wanna Fight” to anything. Love, relationships, religion… even Brexit was brought up a lot in this song but it’s honestly about anything you feel it could be related to.

What you think about the winning song “Never Give Up On You”?

I think “Never Give Up On You” is very underestimated. It’s a fantastic song and I think it will do well. Lucy is a phenomenal artist and singer and I think she’ll make the UK proud. Go Lucy!

Do you watch the Eurovision Song Contest? If you do, who is your favourite winner?

I do watch it yes, and I have to say Conchita Wurst is my favourite winner. ❤️

What are your plans now? Are you preparing new songs?

I have lots of new songs to show and lots of exciting things coming up but for the meantime, keep an eye on my page for some acoustic videos of my songs.

Do you have a message for our readers?

I just want to say hey! This is me and please follow me at @salenamusic on all social media.

Thanks to ALL my fans for their support on the show and their continued support, I really appreciate the love.

Thank you Salena for this interview and we wish you good luck!

Thank you! See you soon.

What do #YOU think of the UK’s entry this year? Share your thoughts with us!


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