As you know the team of ESCunited is in Stockholm and we are in the press center.
First four countries had their rehearsals and they we’re Finland, Greece, Moldova & Hungary and here is the quick overview.

Sandhja was first on stage and it seemed as she was already in her stage outfit, what was a blue dress with silver details. There were also five backing vocals with her. She sounded very good and it will be a right song to open the contest with the funky, disco rhythms.

Greek representatives, the band Argo, were second, but unfortunately we couldn’t hear them as there were some sound issues. But about their performance we can say that they were all in white and that it is such a typical Greek dance staging.

Again with the Modovan singer we had some sound problems, but it was fixed later so we did hear something. Lidia gave decent performance. She was on stage along side with an astronaut that is actually a dancer. The backing vocals can be heard but they are behind the stage.

Last in the first round was Freddie. The performance is almost the same as in the national final. Though the lights and animations were red and the backing vocals didn’t have the glowing drum sticks. Vocally he was perfect.


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