As you know the team of ESCunited is in Stockholm and we are in the press center. It was time for lunch and a brake and after that three more countries had their rehearsals.

First one after the lunch break was Nina from Croatia. She came up on stage in a glossy silver dress with a tree drawn on it. Four backing vocals are on stage, but they weren’t wearing their outfits, however they did tear a part Nina’s dress. Vocally it was all perfect.

Second after the brake was Douwe Bob. He had a full folky band on stage. There’s also an animation of the clock on the bottom of the stage and the lighting is yellow and red. Douwe also went down the catwalk.

Last one in the second round was Iveta. Oh boy how she rocked the stage. There was smoke, there was wind and the animations were similar to the ones Common Linnets had in Copenhagen. Also there were several Ivetas on stage thanks to the holograms and it looked amazing. Her voice was perfect and it will be even better as she didn’t swing it full way.

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