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Our annual Ranking Game is back. This is where you can vote for your favorite Eurovision songs on a weekly basis.

Our readers award points Eurovision Style to their favorite songs. At the end of the week we will tally up the points, post the results and reset the game to keep the ranking current.

The Results are in with songs songs in the running. This is how our readers have voted.


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Detailed Scoreboard: HERE
 Last Week’s Results: HERE


We have a new (old) leader. Nina Sublatti from Georgia fought her way back to the top with her “Warrior” dethroning Belarus. They now have a healthy lead but only time will tell if they can stay on top. The biggest loser of the week is Cyprus. After debuting in 4th place last week, they take a three spot dive. Interestingly enough, “One thing I should have done” received more 12 pointers than any of the other songs with the exception of the winning song so it appears to be the most polarizing entry so far. Denmark debuts in ninth place which clearly isn’t the most impressive n but maybe people will warm up to it?!? Albania continues to disappointing finishing in dead last. It doesn’t look too good for Elhaida.

Now we’re doing our weekly reset which means you’ll get to vote again. 12 songs are known so choose wisely, please use the Eurovision point system (12, 10, 8 etc).

1. Click HERE and post your votes (you need to be logged in)

2. Send a Message with your votes HERE (you need to be logged in)

3. Post your votes below (via Facebook). The deadline is Saturday, February 21st, 2015 at 23:59 CET. The results will be posted the following day.

Please read our rules first though as you cannot vote for your own country here, either.


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  1. […] Detailed Scoreboard: HERE  Last Week’s Results: HERE […]

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