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Our annual Ranking Game is back. This is where you can vote for your favorite Eurovision songs on a weekly basis.

Our readers award points Eurovision Style to their favorite songs. At the end of the week we will tally up the points, post the results and reset the game to keep the ranking current.

This week’s Results are in. This is how our readers have voted.


Full voting table: HERE

Our observations:

1. The Baltic States are taking over. Estonia is the new clear leader, what a way to enter the Ranking. Can they maintain that lead or will the initial hype wear off? Latvia is also doing incredibly well finishing 2nd. That’s a major improvement from recent years, where they were basically close to the bottom of our list. Lithuania also had a really good start finishing 4th.

2. Italy was at the top lat week and had to make space, dropping to third place. But that is still a really good result and with more an more countries joining, they could sneak back up to the top. We shall see.

3. The biggest losers of the week are Malta and FYR Macedonia, both dropping 5 spots.

4. Albania is in last place (as usual) but a lot of people didn’t bother voting for Elhaida as she recently announced she’s going to send a different song titled “I’m Alive”. We haven’t heard the song yet so Albania will not be in the running next week.


Now we’re doing our weekly reset which means you’ll get to vote again. Please use the Eurovision point system (12, 10, 8 etc). This week Ireland, Slovenia, Finland, Moldova and Spain are joining in as their songs became available over the weekend.

1. Click HERE and post your votes (you need to be logged in)

2. Send a Message with your votes HERE (you need to be logged in)

3. Post your votes below (via Facebook). The deadline is Saturday, March 7th, 2015 at 23:59 CET. The results will be posted the following day.

Please read our rules first though as you cannot vote for your own country here, either.



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