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In preparation for tonight’s final, we’re catching up with some of the participants of Krajowe Eliminacje 2018. First up, it’s Marta! 

First of all thank you for your time talking to us. How are you? Can you introduce yourself? What can you tell us about yourself? 

Thanks for talking to me! I’m great; very excited actually. My name’s Marta, I’m 23, pink, and I’m the winner of the most recent edition of The Voice of Poland. Also, I’ve heard I’ve been picked for Krajowe Eliminacje to select the Polish entry for Eurovision. It still seems a bit unreal.

Your song that you will be presenting for the national final in Poland  is “Why don’t we go”. What can you tell us about the song?

It’s actually the first song I wrote in the studio with the producers. The Polish version is out on the radio in Poland, but in fact it was originally written in English. I’m so happy that you will be finally able to listen to the original version.

What was the inspiration for the song, and did you write it specifically for Krajowe Eliminacje and Eurovision?

I wrote “Why Don’t We Go” long before I knew I would even apply for Eurovision. It tells my story, but with a bit of a summer vibe. It talks about my experience: a situation where you wanna give it a shot, but you cannot really read the other person.

What is your impression of the Eurovision Song Contest in general? Do you watch it every year? What is your favourite entry?

I love Eurovision! I try to watch it every year, and if I really cannot watch it live, I always make sure I catch up online as soon as it’s there. I remember listening to Maria Isabel’s “Antes muerta que sencilla” years ago in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and promising myself I was gonna be a part of it someday. And I am now… It’s beyond amazing. There are some songs which have been stuck in my head ever since I heard them in the Contest. First of all, Michał Szpak, my coach on The Voice, and his “Color of Your Life”. But also Loreen’s “Euphoria”, Lena’s “Satellite” and “Is It Right” by Elaiza. They’re catchy and every time they come on the radio I’m singing along.

Apart from the Eurovision Song Contest, where would you dream to do a performance?

I love music and I love travelling. If I could combine it and do a world tour, I would be the happiest person alive. I know it’s a lot to ask from life, but I’m willing to work hard for it and who knows, maybe one day…?

Has being on TV made you more self-conscious?

It definitely helped with dealing with stage fright, as I have learned how to control it when it hits me on stage. The funny thing is, when you’re on a TV show and you have all these cameras around you, you have no idea how many people you’re interacting with because you just focus on the camera. At least I didn’t know! All you see in the studio is that relatively small group of people in the audience, compared to the huge number of people in front of their TVs.

What is the best bit of advice you have ever been given? 

To be true to myself, ’cause the truth always wins. It might sound cliché, but it’s just… true.  Both on stage, with my music, and in everyday life.

What’s your biggest fear?

That I will not be able to focus on music in my life.

If your life were a song title which one would be? 

Is it strange that the first song title that came to my mind was “I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me”?

Where would we find you on a typical Sunday Afternoon?

I guess I have to say – the studio! I basically live there now, especially because the guys I get to work with quickly became my good friends, so we enjoy working together a lot. Although sometimes I go home for the weekend. In this case I’m probably at my granny’s eating a homemade lunch, or just chilling with my fam.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Marta! Best of luck tonight in Krajowe Eliminacje!

Who do #YOU want to see representing Poland in Lisbon this year? Share your thoughts with us below or on our forum HERE!

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