ESC United is in Malmo to cover the Rehearsals and we will keep you updated on how it went as the press is not allowed to record any of the first rehearsals during the first four days of the contest. The 8 countries to set foot on the stage today are Greece, Israel, Armenia, Hungary, Norway, Albania, Georgia, Switzerland, and Romania.

Check back and refresh as we will update this article as the artists perform one after another.


Greece – Koza Mostra featuring Agathon Iakovidis – Alcohol is free

Everyone but the drummer who’s on a drumset in back is lined up with Agathon in the middle. The boys from Koza Mostra run off the main stage at the first chorus. At the instrumental break, the lights go down and their instruments light up. Some light choreography but nothing that is too overpowering.

MATT: Very energetic performance. The boys sounded great. This is a sure qualifier.
ZACK: Agree with Matt. They sounded really good live. Too bad they can’t play their instruments live as well.


Israel – Moran Mazor – Rak bishvilo

Moran is backed by two backup singers and a pianist. She’s in a modified version of her K’dam 2013 dress. However it seems to fit her better, has a longer train, and is more bedazzled. Vocally she is very good. You can’t call out anyone this year for having a bad voice!

ZACK: Love her voice and love her style, but girlfriend needs a sassy gay friend to help her pick out a new dress. My eyes! She is such a pretty girl with a strong unique voice with a lot of range. I want this in the final! And as someone who’s worn glasses since I was 6, she should never lose them. They add to her personality.
ROY: Strong voice but the presentation looks like a funeral.


Armenia – Dorians – Lonely Planet

The band are in shades of blue and denim. A very simple performance. Pyrotechnics come in at final chorus. Not much else to say.

ROY: The song wasn’t as “rockish” as I expected. It was a pleasant surprise.
MATT: The song is incredibly “blah”. The “blah” staging makes it even more “blah.” Just a lot of “blah.”
ZACK: Am I the only one who likes his voice?!
Hungary – ByeAlex – Kedvesem

Three people on stage. Lead singer, guitarist, and backup singer. The guitarist appears very bored to be there. The backdrop is made up of the quirky cartoons and animations previously seen in the national selection.

ZACK: I was a bit bored. The song is cute but just sorts static. The backdrop is gorgeous. I’m glad they kept those in.


Norway – Margaret Berger – I Feed You My Love

Margaret is back in her dress from the Norwegian national selection.  I bet the fans will love that.  She is doing a good job on the Eurovision stage and really getting into it. shaking her hips here and there.  The setting is very blue with three backup singers and flashes of bright white lights.  A drummer is going at it on the drums as well.

ZACK:  That title kills me.  But aside from that, love the song.  Sounds really good and she looks amazing.  Sure qualifier, and should be a good showing for Norway in the final!


Albania – Adrian Lugjuraj and Bledar Sejko – Identitet

A similar stage show to Armenia in that it is just a straight-forward performance.  However, the lighting is used very well.  Shades of orange, yellow, and red.  Both vocally sound good.  Finally, in the last rehearsal, Bledar’s guitar erupts with pyrotechnics in the instrumental break.

MATT: Rock fans will love this.  I thought they sounded great. But it appears that it left everyone in the press box cold.0
ZACK:  Whereas Armenia is a pop song masquerading as rock, this is more like a genuine rock song.  But I think it still has a very pop structure.  It’s a good mix.  I’d hate to compare Armenia and Albania, but I think Albania has the slight edge.  This second semi-final is insane!


Georgia – Nodi and Sophe – Waterfall

The backdrop is a waterfall.  Georgia just had to go litera.  Sophe has on a white and light blue dress with some silver bedazzlings on the top.  Nodi has on a dark suit.  The three backup singers are behind them.  In true Georgian fashion, everything Eurovision is thrown in, including dry ice, smoke, wind machines, pyrotechnics, and a big choral finale.  But unlike Georgia last year and Junior Eurovision this past December, everything works well.

ZACK: I still think this sounds like “Quedate Conmigo.” But if there’s a song to sound like, it probably should be that one.  They sound amazing.  I am very impressed.  I must say though, their facial expressions are killing me!  Do they really have to look like they’re taking a crap when they sing?


Switzerland – Takasa – You and Me

Takasa pretty much used the same performance structure as the Swiss national final.  The obvious difference is the change in costume.  The oldest member looks out of touch with the rest of them.  As many have noticed, Sara (the female lead singer) has taken the second verse from the male lead singer.  It’s a nice addition to the song.

MATT: They look and sound great.  However, I wish there would be more energy on stage.  Standing still for the entire three minutes may not work in their favor.  I am not impressed with the camera work as of yet.
ZACK: They got better and better with each rehearsal today.  The oldest member comes off more as a novelty than anything else, and one that lacks the charisma of the drum banging grandmama from Moldova, or the Russian grannies from last year.  On the other hand, to be his age and able to take in the Eurovision stage experience is remarkable in itself.


Romania – Cezar – It’s My Life

Cesar is dressed in an “interesting” bedazzled bathrobe. Yep, that’s the only way I know how to describe it. He is standing on top of what looks like Valentina’s red dress and at the chorus, dancers come out.

ZACK: Barbara Dex award finalist #3!
MATT: Ouch, Elvis on crack with two bottles of hair gel squeezed into his hair. Everything about that performance was tacky but I have a feeling some hardcore Eurovision lovers will fall in love with it.

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