After lunch, four more countries competing in the second semi-final took to the Altice Arena staging to rehearse once more and polish up their acts. Hungary, Latvia, Sweden and Montenegro were the countries in the afternoon session. Did #YOU miss any of these rehearsals? Have no worries, because we’ve archived our live stream below for your viewing please and included reviews, clips and images from Lisbon!

HUNGARY – AWS – Viszlát nyár

The Hungarian rockers took to the stage once more this afternoon to rehease and WOW, what a performance they have given us! They give it their all on the stage with a lot of energy and passion, and the lead singer Örs Siklósi screams his lungs out on the Lisbon stage. The camera work is much sleeker now, while they actually catch the stae dive effectively, and the pyros that embellish this performance make for a truly incredible performance the likes of which Eurovision has never seen. If there’s any justice, Hungary’s final place is assured if only for sheer bravery.

LATVIA – Laura Rizzotto – Funny Girl

Latvia’s Laura Rizzotto does her best to bring a sexy, sultry show to the Altice Arena and her performance looks better than it did on the small Riga stage back in February. She flips her hair more Eleni Foureira and catches the audience’s eye at many opportunities. Vocally I felt that she had much more of a raw quality in Riga but she certainly doesn’t do herself a disservice here. If this clicks with the audience it could get a big reaction, but Latvia if nothing else will do better than last year(!)

SWEDEN – Benjamin Ingrosso – Dance You Off

Already fresh and ready for the semi-final following a successful Melodifestivalen campaign, Benjamin Ingrosso perhaps doesn’t even need the distraction of a rehearsal today. But, cheered on by his new celebrity pal Will Ferrell, he puts in another few composed and mature performances on the Lisbon stage. The vocals are on point and the dance routine has been locked down for a few months now so there are no major concerns with Sweden and it will be an eighth final in a row for the Eurovision powerhouses.

MONTENEGRO – Vanja Radovanović – Inje

The last performance of this block comes from Vanja Radovanovic who gives another assured vocal performance on the Lisbon stage. He is still wearing the baby blue jacket and trousers which tend to blend into the background at points. The backing performers are still wearing white and are now performing their choreography with a bit more gusto. Vanja is performing this song very well but he is still not quite connecting with the camera as much as I would hope.

What do #YOU think of today’s rehearsals? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or join the discussion below and on social media!

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