Austrian broadcaster Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF) revealed earlier this morning that singer – songwriter Vincent Bueno will represent Austria at Eurovision 2020 with an up-tempo song called “Alive.”

“Alive,” which will be released shortly before the song submission deadline in early March 2020, will have “personal hashtags” as a theme, with drawing positivity from within tying these hashtags together.

Bueno, who is of Ilocano heritage from the Phillipines and born on December 10, 1985 in Vienna, Austria, first came to fame in Austria after winning “Musical! Die Show” in early 2008. Bueno beat nine other contestants in the Broadway musical themed contest, earning plaudits such as original “Miss Saigon” cast members Isay Alvarez and Robert Seña along the way.

Of his being internally selected by ORF to represent Austria at Eurovision 2020, Bueno told, “Wow, even thinking about the fact that I am going to participate in the song contest gives me goosebumps. The Eurovision Song Contest is like the Eurocup for musicians and singers. The huge stage, all those artists doing their absolute best, all the songwriters and producers of Europe gathering in one place to celebrate their work while at the same time stepping into the ring – it is breathtaking and formidable. Let’s go Austria!”

Though born in Austria, Bueno also went to his parents’ homeland to try his hand at a career there, appearing on the variety show ASAP XV several times in 2010 and signing to Star Records. Bueno is a multilingual threat, with a German language 2008 debut album and a 2018 English language album called “Invicible,” along with several Tagalog singles inbetween.

With Bueno’s selection, Austria have again changed tack at Eurovision, opting for an artist with up tempo dance numbers after 2019’s PAENDA, who did not make the Grand Final with the slower, ambient experimental entry “Limits,” and 2018’s 3rd placed Cesar Sampson and his suave and soulful “Nobody But You.”

However, this is not the first time Bueno has tried out for Eurovision. In 2016, Bueno entered “Wer singt für Österreich?” (“Who sings for Austria?”), the last time Austria used a national selection. Bueno came in 6th out of 10 in the first round jury votes with his entry “All we need is that love.” He was eliminated, and Zoë ended up representing Austria with “Loin d’ici,” coming in 13th in the Grand Final at Eurovision 2016.

Time will tell is Bueno’s “Alive” is a success or not, but there is no denying Bueno is an experienced performer who is not lacking in confidence.

“My happiness comes from deep within,” said Bueno. “It is something that no fame or money in this world could ever give me. I would like to use this energy purposefully.”

It is not clear if Bueno will write “Alive” himself, but he certainly has the training and experience for it, having mastered four instruments by the time he entered conservatory in Vienna at age 18. Most of Bueno’s works are written by him.

And regardless of result at Eurovision 2020, we know that at least Bueno’s approach to the event in Rotterdam will be to treat it like a party and a positive experience.

What do #YOU think of Vincent Bueno representing Austria at Eurovision 2020? Do #YOU think he’ll get Austria back to the Grand Final? Let us know in the forum, on social media, or in the comments below.

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  1. Rifki

    December 12, 2019 at 08:27

    Filipino represent, Asia represent, again. Yes. I hope this will be an intermediary for EBU (and SBS in the first edition) to prompt/trigger and not postpone their “Asiavision Song Contest” project again (EBU and SBS still call it “Eurovision Asia”, it should always be called “Asiavision Song Contest”; they should approach ABU, who uses the name “Asiavision” for their news network, to join the production team as well so that the show’s name can and shall be changed to “Asiavision [Song Contest]”). I am from an Asian country as well, Indonesia to be more exact, and I am dying to see Asiavision in the near future.

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