Bonsoir Europe! Paris is calling! – The Second Semi-Final has just concluded and with that, we now know the full line-up for “Le Grand Finale”, which is set to take place next week.


Just like last week, another 9 songs competed tonight, for the 4 remaining spots in the grand final. The show was opened by last years Eurovision winner, Netta where she sang her winning song “Toy“.

After an introduction by tonight’s host, Garou, we jumped straight into the songs. Each of tonight’s contestants first performed a cover song, before singing their own compositions for the competition.

These were the 9 acts of tonight, performing in the following order:

  1. Gabriella – “On Cherche Encore (Never Get Enough)”
  2. The Divaz – “La Voix d’Aretha”
  3. Ugo – “Ce Qui Me Blesse”
  4. Tracy de Sá – “Por Aqui”
  5. Emmanuel Moire – “La Promesse”
  6. Noémie – “Ma Petite Famille”
  7. Seemone – “Tous Les Deux”
  8. Doutson – “Sois Un Bon Fils”
  9. PhilipElise – “Madame La Paix”

The 4 finalists were decided by a combined international jury vote and the televote. The international jury consisted of Anushik Ter-Ghukasyan (Armenia), Zoë (Austria), Mikolas Josef (Czech Republic) Natia Mshvenieradze (Georgia) and Christer Björkman (Sweden).

The scoreboard after the first 50% of the votes

The jury votes were first revealed, before we got the televotes, and from the looks of it, Seemone looked like a pretty clear finalist after the first half of the votes.

However, there were still the votes from the televote, which still could change it all, and sure they did.

The scoreboard after 100% of the votes

The results ended as follow:

  1. Seemone – “Tous Les Deux” – 113 points
  2. Emmanuel Moire – “La Promesse” – 84 points
  3. The Divaz – “La Voix d’Aretha” – 54 points
  4. Doutson – “Sois Un Bon Fils” – 39 points
  5. Ugo – “Ce Qui Me Blesse” – 38 points
  6. Gabriella – “On Cherche Encore(Never Get Enough)” – 32 points
  7. PhilipElise – “Madame La Paix” – 31 points
  8. Tracy de Sá – “Por Aqui” – 15 points
  9. Noémie – “Ma Petite Famille” – 14 points

In the end, Seemone still dominated the results with a convincing victory, but did actually lose out to Emmanuel Moire by a few points from the televote. It also meant that Doutson managed to squeeze into the final, while pushing Ugo out.

The final line-up looks as following now(random order):

  1. Seemone – “Tous Les Deux” 
  2. Emmanuel Moire – “La Promesse”
  3. The Divaz – “La Voix d’Aretha”
  4. Doutson – “Sois Un Bon Fils”
  5. Bilal Hassani – “Roi”
  6. Chimene Badi – “Lá-Haut”
  7. Silván Areg – “Le Petit Nicolas”
  8. Aysat – “Comme Une Grande”

The final will take place 21:00 on the 26th of January.

Who do #YOU hope will represent France in Tel-Aviv?

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