The big night has arrived and in a few hours we will know who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and (most likely) going to host next year’s contest. The ESC United team attended all rehearsals including the juries show, talked to several betting odd experts, members of the press and based on their feedback came up with a ranking of all 26 songs. In addition, our readers were able to cast their votes as well, we’ll list the rankings separately and also do a final combined result:


Staff predictions:

Ukraine Zlata

1. Ukraine 
2. Norway
3. Denmark  
4. Georgia 
5. Russia 
6. Azerbaijan 
7. The Netherlands 
8. Germany 
9. Italy 
10. Moldova 

11. Iceland 
12. Greece
13. Ireland 
14. Finland 
15. U.K. 
16. Romania 
17. Hungary 
18. Sweden 
19. Belarus 
20. Armenia 
21. Estonia
22. France 
23. Malta 
24. Belgium 
25. Spain
26. Lithuania 

Most people here agree that 2013 is one of the most difficult years to predict. While Denmark is first in the betting odds as well as among many Eurovision fans, there are a lot of  concerns about it being too dated. For that reason we put it in third place. Overall our Top 4 are very close and believe any of them could win it all but ultimately we put Ukraine as Number One by default. It has a fantastic draw, the Staging looks amazing on TV and her voice is flawless. In addition, rumors has it that she was in the Semi Top 2 (only speculation, no real evidence). Norway has been a force to be reckoned with from the start and Margaret has a really good shot of winning it all. Another entry we believe could end up at the top of the scoreboard is Georgia and should be considered the dark horse of the year.

So overall, it is a very difficult year for prediction and even the most experienced press members and betting odds individuals are scrambling on how to put at the top.


Readers results:

1. Denmark
2. The Netherlands
3. Norway
4. Azerbaijan
5. Romania
6. Germany
7. Italy
8. Ukraine
9. Greece
10. Finland
11. U.K.
12. Estonia
13. Russia
14. Ireland
15. Georgia
16. Iceland
17. Belarus
18. Moldova
19. Armenia
20. Sweden
21. Malta
22. France
23. Lithuania
24. Hungary
25. Belgium
26. Spain

Our readers are convinced that Denmark is going to win it all. The song has been a favorite pretty much the entire time so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. What was unexpected was the close second place for the Netherlands. It doesn’t have the most flattering spot in the running order and far from being a conventional Eurovision entry however it has left quite an impact. The biggest disagreement between readers and the staff is Romania which is in your Top 5 but didn’t manage to enter the Top 15 in the Staff’s prediction.


Combined results:

Denmark Emmelie

1. Denmark
2. Norway
3. The Netherlands
4. Ukraine
5. Azerbaijan
6. Germany
7. Italy
8. Russia
9. Georgia
10. Romania
11. Finland
12. Greece
13. U.K.
14. Ireland
15. Iceland
16. Moldova
17. Estonia
18. Belarus
19. Sweden
20. Armenia
21. Hungary
22. Malta
23. France
24. Lithuania
25. Belgium
26. Spain

Emmelie from Denmark is the combined favorite with Norway right behind. In a few hours we will know if combining the forces was the most accurate prediction or who did a better job at predicting.


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  1. rajo

    May 18, 2013 at 23:28

    The interval act is Swedish political correctness at its worst!

    omg, I am shocked how humiliating this must be for Swedes!

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