Eurovision has been a big platform for artists to kickstart their careers in the past. This is a beautiful thing in our eyes and we would like to make a contribution of our own. In our wishlist series, we want to put the focus on smaller intriguing artists to give them the spotlight that they deserve. We will go by every country and propose 3 artists that we found interesting. We are striving for a unique list with up-and-coming artists, but keep in mind that this is not always possible. After the succes of Georgia it is time to move on to country number 2: Austria!


At Pavillon

Let’s start of with a bang! At Pavillon is an incredible 4-piece indie-rock band. it’s leading singer Mwita Mataro is what make sthis band stand out from the numerous indie-bands in my eyes. His voice is incredibly unique and is also really strong live. They somehow make all their music have a positive vibe even though not every subject is necessarily positive. I think this could be a big plus for something like Eurovision. You package a major issue or something controversial in a happy and fun song and you could have a really good recipe for succes. My favourite song of theirs would be “Believers”:

The biggest selling point for me is that they are very charasmatic. I think that they would deliver an incredibly energetic and fun performance on a Eurovision stage if they were to be selected. Every song that they have released so far are very enjoyable, so please don’t stop listening here if you like what you hear. I would recommend “lions” as a great song to continue with. 4 charasmatic guys who are very capable of making great music, that sounds like a recipe for succes to me!


From something very accesible to something more out there and unique. Aromboa describe themselves as a fusion band who likes to take characteristic elements from certain music genres and blends them together in an amazing and artistic composition. The duo of Moritz scharff and Elena Shirin constantly find a way to make all the sounds and instruments flow together in a natural way. A good example of this is “Mereon Matrix“. You can see that they fuse some “wubs” that you typically see in the dubstep genre with some very downbeat instrumentals and an enchanting vocal. The latter is to me the reason why Aramboa works so well. They seem to understand how to create a massive mood and Elena’s vocals guide you along a journey through their music. My favourite song would be: “Road”

In my eyes this is an incredibly good example of them transporting you into a mood from the start untill the end. It starts off very slow and gentle to get you into the mood and then Elena guides you along a rollercoaster of emotion. Now I know what you’re thinking, not everybody would appreciate this. And I agree, but that has been the case in so many previous participants that turned out to be succesful. Remember that Eurovision is a television show and that this could really be something special with a phenomenal staging that would really suck you in. They have proven in the past that they have very strong live performances. I hope that I sold you on Aramboa, I would love to see them in Eurovision!

Thorsteinn Einarsson

If the previous artists were a bit too far out of your comfort zone, let me pull you back with the amazing musician that is Thorsteinn Einarsson. I know what you’re thinking, that sounds Icelandic and not Austrian. His father is indeed Icelandic and his mother is Austrian so I guess he would be eligible for both countries. He currently lives in Austria, so I put him in the Austria picks. Thorsteinn had his big break-out moment when he participated in the Austrian show “Die große Chance”. He has a very warm voice and he makes music that is very easy to listen to. Take for example “Two Hearts”:

This song sounds like it was produced and sung by a very big and famous artist. This kind of quality would be amazing to have in Eurovision. I honestly don’t understand how this guy hasn’t met more fame yet. Eurovision could be a big break-out moment that he really deserves in my eyes. His song “Symphony” sounds like it should have already participated in Eurovision. This live performance shows how good he truly is and that his live vocals are equally impressive as the studio tracks. In my eyes Thorsteinn is destined to go to Eurovision one year, if that is for Austria or Iceland, that is up to him. I included him here and think he would truly deserve it.

That was it for our 3 Austrian picks. We will go by every country in a random order. So if #YOU have some cool suggestions for other countries, please let us know.

What do #YOU think about our picks from Austria? Do #YOU think they were great and did we miss any cool artists? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or join the discussion below and on social media!

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  1. marty

    October 18, 2019 at 21:39

    Interesting suggestions. Torstein Einarsson would be perfect for Eurovision. He is a very talented singer/ songwriter and very popular in Austria. There is a good reason he does not want to go to Eurovision. Thus it is not likely we will see him there.

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