Liverpool, 08 May 2023

The dress rehearsals are finally upon us! Let’s go through all of them one by one and give you some more details about all of the performances! Germany, France and Italy also rehearsed, let’s break them down as well!

Note: Images and videos will be added once they go online on the official channel. 

Country: Spain
Act: Blanca Paloma
Song: “Eaea”
Half in the Grand Final: First!

Blanka starts singing as a silhouette with a white LED background. We see the dancers clapping through the hanging ropes. The performance is very much like the national final. Interestingly they keep the narrower camera throughout. Eaea eaea

Yeah there isn’t much more to say other than it being a carbon copy of the national final performance. At some point the music does fully cut out and in the ending the LED’s pulsate very frantically. The performance ends with a staired platform.

Country: Ukraine
Act: Tvorchi
Song: “Heart of Steel”
Half in the Grand Final: Second! (19)

The performance starts off with the leadsinger in between 4 squares of LED. Lot’s of really cool projections of metallic humans being portrayed on said LEDs. They are situated on the runway and after the first chorus 2 dancers join in to do some play with the led’s as well.

For the final portion of the song we get some fire as well. It’s a really slick staging!

Country: United Kingdom
Act: Mae Muller
Song: “I Wrote a Song”
Half in the Grand Final: Second! (26)

The song starts with Mae standing on a big platform and her head behind het cut open. There are a lot of eyes that appear as well. The LED shows a lot of different faces that Mae makes. Offset with purple and yellow colouring as well makes it look really crisp.

Vocally there is a lot left to be desired. 4 dancers are with her on the stage wearing pink fishnet tops. and black trousers. With the breakdown towards the end she is walking on the walkway. She does a highnote with some smoke pyros and the 4 dancers around her. They end in a nice pose.

For more coverage, join Matt & Gabe on the today’s livestream!

What do #YOU think of these 3 rehearsals? Did you fancy Spain? How about Ukraine? Was United Kingdom more your cup of tea? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, on our forum HERE or on social media!

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