Lauri Yrjölä – Helppo Elämä

Ferdi: I was a big fan of the song and I still like it. The performance at UMK was okay, but I wasn’t wowed, and it seems many share that feeling. As said below, it’s a good thing Lauri keeps close to the song but the performance could’ve been a little more lively. Nice vocals though, and extra credit for the Finnish language!


Ole: Lauri keeps it simple and here it works very well for him. The song is catchy and the staging adds to that. He could have had a little more show, but I´m glad he doesn’t go full Eric Saade and puts the focus on the song.  


Kai: The only song from this selection performed in Finnish, which I think is a huge plus, as it’s a beautiful and interesting language. There’s a strong Aminata scent wafting during the chorus of this one. The song starts off dangerously, almost threatening to bring out my arch-nemesis, the foot stompy pop-rock/folk chorus, but thankfully what it gives us is a sort of crunchy house beat. I think I kinda like this but wouldn’t say i’m crazy for it.


Club La Persé – My Little World

Ferdi: As with Caveman, say what you want but we had a fun performance here. If I had to chose either of those two, I’d go with Caveman however as they just out-edged La Persé by a bit in every field. Still a nice performance, and I still find myself humming the “di-di-di-di-di” parts quite often.


Ole: This song is catchy and I like Club La Perse. I think the performance is good, but I don´t get a party feeling. I don´t feel like rising up, singing or dancing, and to me is that strange since that´s how I´ve been listening to the song. Their little world still seems interesting, but now I´m rethinking my flight over there if they are not more wild.


Kai: Drag queens? Check. High kitsch? Check. Eurotrash beats? Check. So then why wasn’t this track love at first listen for me? It has it all really, apart from that is a super great and infectious song. It’s all just a bit too basic for me. I love them and their theatrics but I just wish the song was stronger. Having said that though, this is one that has grown on me quite a bit. I enjoy it for sure, thanks mainly to them. It just could have been so much more though.


Zühlke – Perfect Villain

Ferdi: This was my favourite before the show, and it still is. No, it isn’t a lyrical masterpiece but I love the music here and Zühlke’s voice sounds great. I liked the performance, especially the start although it doesn’t quite reach the level of Blackbird (although that is almost, by definition, impossible). A very enjoyable song which is still in my Spotify playlist – and it will remain there for a while.


Ole: Well you can´t accuse the UMK for trying to save money. We start with the end of her music video and transition into what might be the aftermath for our hero. This hero got a great vocal range, but not much of a stage presence. The focus to me is shifted too much away from her and the pyro is the only thing I feel tells a story.


Kai: Decent little pop number with a super hero theme. At first I wasn’t quite so sure, but it managed to grow on me a tiny bit. Zühlke has very strong vocals and a commanding presence. I don’t love it but it’s certainly not bad. At the same time it’s nothing special though.


My First Band – Paradise

Ferdi: Let’s start out with the good parts – the song is decent. That’s about where it stops for me. It’s another cheesy boyband song (Lighthouse X comes to mind) which comes across as quite uninspirational. It isn’t even the best sexual-innuendo-song in the selection. The performance was decent, but didn’t lift the song at all. I spent my time watching UMK fearing these guys would win, honestly – I’m quite glad they didn’t. Sorry!


Ole: Smooth, fresh, funky and fun. Many words can be used to describe these guys and their performance. It´s not shocking people really like these fellas and they are true professionals. Their performance won me over and it was a joy to watch.


Kai: Cringe levels through the roof with this one. “Paradise” hasn’t got the tongue in cheek camp of “Love Yourself” to get away with those lyrics. The song itself is like an irritating wasp. The high pitched vocals are going right through my head.


Writer’s votes


12 Perfect Villain

10 Blackbird

8 Helppo Elämä

7 Circle of Light

6 Love Yourself

5 Reach Out for the Sun

4 Caveman

3 Arrows

2 My Little World

1 Paradise



12 Blackbird

10 Love Yourself

8 Caveman

7 Paradise

6 Circle of Light

5 Helppo Elämä

4 Perfect Villain

3 My Little World

2 Reach Out for the Sun

1 Arrows



12 Blackbird
10 Love Yourself
8 Caveman
7 Reach Out for the Sun
6 My Little World
5 Helppo elämä
4 Arrows
3 Perfect Villain
2 Circle Of Light
1 Paradise



Again we put up a poll for everyone to vote in. Here are the results!

  • Zühlke and Anni ended up with 5% of votes and 9 points;
  • Helppo Elämä ended with 10% and 17 points;
  • 25% and 44 points go to Emma’s Circle of Light and Love Yourself, while the televote was won by…
  • BLACKBIRD! With 30% of the votes and 52 points.


The remaining 4 acts were left without any points.


That brings us to these results:


86 Blackbird

70 Love Yourself

59 Circle of Light

35 Helppo Elämä

28 Perfect Villain

23 Reach Out for the Sun

20 Caveman

11 My Little World

9 Paradise

8 Arrows


Congratulations to Norma John and Blackbird, a very worthy winner indeed! The juries and our readers agreed on the winner for the first time; a good sign for Finland?
Our next revote has started already! You’re welcome to cast your televote for Die Entscheidungsshow; check our forum out for the link to the poll!

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