We know it’s been a lengthy absence, but it’s back once more! The dream team slowly takes shapes and today we’re going to look at a fan favourite country. Since its inception, the Eesti Laul concept has had some decent success but has not yet heralded a second Estonian win, but who in your opinion could change that? Let’s find out…

Winny Puhh are your ideal representatives for Estonia!
Winny Puhh are your ideal representatives for Estonia!

And what a choice it is! Winny Puhh are your ideal candidates to rock Europe in Stockholm. The group exploded into the public consciousness and went viral in 2013 when their energetic and utterly bizzare performance of “Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti” finished third in that year’s Eesti Laul and confused millions around the world who had never heard of a Euro-vision or an Eesti Laul before.

But they were no flash in the pan gimmicky attempt – the band have been active since 1993 and have a wealth of experience in the Estonian music scene. Lead singer Indrek Vaheoja has even appeared on Eesti Laul since as a judge and talking head, sans face-hair. So would the punk sextet aim for Eurovision again? We certainly hope so. Remind yourselves of their incredible performance towards the bottom of this article.

Second in our poll was fellow former Eesti Laul performer Iiris Vesik, who has also gained a sizeable fanbase in the Eurovision community with her post-EL releases such as “Gummybear” and “Melyse”. Other choices included Kerli, Tenfold Rabbit and popular alternative band Ewert and the Two Dragons.

The full suggestions for Estonia (draws in random order);
Winny Puhh, Iiris, Kerli, Ewert and the Two Dragons, Tenfold Rabbit, Trad.Attack!, Tommy Cash, Maia Vahtramae, Lenna Kuurmaa, Laura Põldvere, Sibyl Vane, Tallinn Daggers, Liis Lemsalu, Kreisiraadio, Sandra Nurmsalu, Kõrsikud, Elina Born, Sinine, Grete Paia, Metsatöll

The ESC United Dream Team so far (22);

  • Turkey – Gülşen
  • Armenia – Lilit Hovhannisyan
  • Czech Republic – Lenka Dusilová and Baromantika
  • San Marino – Valentina Monetta
  • Latvia – MNTHA
  • Belarus – Elena Sinyavskaya
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina – Dubioza Kolektiv
  • Slovakia – Celeste Buckingham
  • Italy – Marzia Gaggioli
  • United Kingdom – Ella Henderson
  • Sweden – Alcazar
  • Slovenia – Nika Zorjan
  • Moldova – Doinița Gherman
  • Serbia – Jelena Karleuša
  • Germany – Helene Fischer
  • Ireland – Hozier
  • Australia – Samantha Jade
  • Macedonia – Kaliopi
  • Hungary – Passed
  • Denmark – Carpark North
  • Albania – Lindita Halimi
  • Israel – Marina Maximilian Blumin
  • Estonia – Winny Puhh

Next up it’s your choice to return Greece back to the big time and their successful ways!

Should Winny Puhh be in Stockholm? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on our website and forum!

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