God Aften Danmark! – You know it’s a busy weekend, when there are multiple shows to watch, and you can’t watch them all at the same time. One of tonight’s show, was Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2017, or in short DMGP 2017.

A night, that Denmark and DR long has waited for, because the last 2 years, have been horrible, when it comes to Denmark. Denmark has indeed missed the final before, but never 2 years in a row. It’s a crucial year, and hopefully the Danish winner can change all of this in Kyiv.

Let’s also state, this year marks the 60 year anniversary, since Denmark made their debut at the Eurovision Song Contest, and the show was opened by all of tonight’s competitors singing the iconic song “Dansevise”, which won the ESC back in 1963, and was the first Danish winner.

The Show

Our lovely hosts of the show, was Annette Heick og Johannes Nymark, who both are well known among Eurovision fans, and mostly with Danish fans.

This year, the winner would be selected a bit differently. As normally, the winner was decided by a combined jury & televote, however, the jury is not made of music experts, but actually by Eurovision fans.

The idea behind letting Eurovision fans deciding half of the outcome, comes with the idea that Eurovision fans know a lot more about the contest, than the common viewer, and so they need to have a word as well. A very valuable word as well.

Tonight’s performances in the following order:

  1. Ida Una – One
  2. Thomas Ring – Vesterbro
  3. Rikke Skytte – Color My World
  4. Anja Nissen – Where I Am
  5. Calling Mercury – Big Little Lies
  6. Anthony – Smoke In My Eyes
  7. René Machon – Warriors
  8. Sada Vidoo – Northern Lights
  9. Jeanette Bonde – Hurricane
  10. Johanna Beijbom – A.S.A.P.

A very enjoyable and very family friendly show as well, which we got underway. All the performers showed all what they got and that they wanted to reach the top in Denmark. However, only 3 of them could reach the super-final, and these 3 will once again perform, to fight for the right to represent Denmark in Kyiv.

The Super-Final

The 3 Super-Finalists are as follow, in random order:

  • Ida Una – One
  • Johanna Beijbomb – A.S.A.P.
  • Anja Nissen – Where I Am

The 3 ladies would now sing once again, and the lines were nullified. This is how the super-final went.

  1. Ida Una – One
    First to perform once again, compared to her first performance earlier on the night, she felt more confident and satisfied. The young singer was well accompanied by her dancers on stage.
  2. Anja Nissen – Where I Am
    Just like her first performance, a very fierce and confident performance. Anja is indeed a very talented and skillful singer. Yet, it is hard to tell, if she can go all the way this time.
  3.  Johanna Beijbom – A.S.A.P.
    The big surprise of the 3 super-finalists. The Swedish singer, is obviously inspired by Melodifestivalen with loads of glitter on her stage performance, and loads of male dances along with her.

The show was coming to an end, and once again, just like how the 3 super-finalists were chosen, then once again the fan-jury and the televoters would decide the winner, each with 50% on the outcome.

However, as Denmark tend to do, and since it is 60 years since they made their debut. Then the show was filled with flashbacks to past songs, which both took part in the Eurovision Song Contest, and songs that took part in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

Then finally, we had the joy of seeing the Olsen Brothers on stage, before the results would be announced, performing their iconic Eurovision song “Fly On The Wings Of Love” or as Denmark knows it “Smuk Som Et Stjenerskud”.

3rd place was first announced, and afterwards it was revealed that the winner was Anja Nissen!

  1. Anja Nissen – Where I Am – 64% of the votes
  2. Ida Una – One – 26% of the votes
  3. Johanna Beijbom – A.S.A.P. – 10% of the votes

The Australian born has taken revenge and taken the DMGP trophy, and will now represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest, with her song “Where I Am”.

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