Eurovision season for 2017 is in full swing. We continue to bring you exclusive interviews with potential Slovenian representatives.

BQL are brothers Anej and Rok who came to verge of popularity with their smahing hit Muza. Lets see what they have to say.

Hey guys, thank you so much for your time. I have to ask you since, you are now one of the most popular performers in Slovenia, do you think it will help you in some way at EMA?

Hello to you too and to all of your fans and followers.
Well, on this EMA, there are a lot of popular singers and “big names”,  so we think that our temporary popularity makes no significant difference to them.

In our opinion, this year it would be really really important what song represents you and to be a little different from the others. We can expect anything from anyone, so lets be surprised. ?

Raay wrote your song and as we all know he wrote two entries for Slovenia in both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision. How was it working with him?

To work with Raay is a dream of every Slovenian singer/songwritter. It’s clear that he has become one of the best, if not the best producer in Slovenia. Almost everything he makes, becomes a hit here. And cause of that, we trust him, we love to work with him and we look forward to work with him as many years as we can. If we had to describe Raay in 3 words we would say : PROFESSIONAL, FUNNY, TRUSTWORTHY.

Can you tell us something about your song?

This song is a little different from our first hit. Lets not say too much about it but you can expect a bit faster rythm and good vibes.


Everybody’s saying that this EMA will feature a lot of popular and established performers. Who do you consider your biggest competitor?

Everyone who got to EMA 2017 is a potential winner and representer of Slovenia at Eurovision. We could answer this question after we hear all of the songs. ?

Your favorite Eurovision song?

Don’t get us wrong cause you are from Serbia but trully, best song in our opinion is Molitva. The vocal range, emotions of Maria are really amazing. We still remember the joy of Maria winning that year. ?

And in the end, would you be so kind to tell to our readers something interesting about you guys? Something that most of the people don’t know.

We have so many interesting, “hidden” details, but sadly we have no space to write them all down, so we will just add some of them. ?

Well, 1st of all you need to know that we are just two average brothers from a small town called Prevalje in north of Slovenia who love to spend time together.

Anej is very shy and quiet person as on the other hand, I’m always talking and cannot be still. Also, its funny that we have very differrent taste in music, but when it comes to our songs, we can cooperate without any problems.

We have a lot of hobbies. I like to cook and experiment in the kitchen, as on the other hand, Anej likes to play videogames and spend time with his friends.

Guys, once again, thank you so much! We wish you all the best at EMA!

It was our biggest pleasure. Cheers!

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