Even though the Bosnian crew was very busy last few days, Deen and Dalal did manage to answer couple of our questions. Also we are bringing you some of the footage from the official video of Ljubav je.

Hello guys, thank you so much for having this chat.
Tell us, are you getting ready for Stockholm?

Hey, hey to you too and to your readers also!
We are very committed to our rehearsals, vocal and choreography, as well with the costumes fitting. We shot our video, for all versions of the song and our next stop is Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam.

Deen, since you’ve been to Eurovision last time, it has grown a lot. Did you talk with Dalal, Ana and Jala about what they should expect there?

In deed, a lot has changed since my performance, back in 2004. There weren’t so much rules. Also, social media weren’t that much popular as today. Thanks to them, many many more fans were able to hear our song.

Stockholm is a gorgeous city. Between the rehearsals you will have some free time, so what will you visit for sure?

We had the opportunity to go there recently and we were amazed by the Old town. Then we didn’t have much time, but now we will have time to visit all the other beautiful sights of Stockholm.

Dalal, Deen, what are your favorite Eurovision songs?

Dalal: My favorite is Marija Šerifović’s Molitva.
Deen: Mine is Euphoria by Loreen.

So I know that you are very busy, so here is the last question. 🙂
Please tell our readers something about you two that is not known by many people.

Dalal: I’ll answer this. 😀
Deen was very shy in high school, so I had to beg him to apply with me for the school choir and to start to sing.
That is how it all began. Who would say… 🙂

Guys, thank you soooo much! Have good time in Amsterdam! Can’t wait to meet you in Stockholm!

You’re welcome! Thank you! Lots of hugs and kisses to all escunited fans and followers! See you in Stockholm…



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