We are just three weeks apart from the Slovenian EMA.
Since Amaya dropped out, another act has been chosen to take her place and it is Clemens.

But to get down to business, todays interview is with three charming ladies – TOSCA BEAT!

Your style is quite interesting and it’s not something you can hear every day. Do you think that that’s the thing that will make people distinguish you from the other performers? 🙂

Our style was created entirely from experimenting and combining styles and rhythms that we love. On the one hand we are classical-trained opera singers, on the other, we are still young, so we do listen to lots of popular music, love to have fun and write our own tracks. Definitely our specialty are our powerful vocals as they make a whole spectacle. 🙂

How did you three meet? How was TOSCA BEAT made?

TOSCA BEAT was created as a result of a long friendship of the three girls that met during studies at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana.

Lots of popular artists will perform at EMA. Who do you consider your biggest competitor?

This EMA will feature some of the most popular performers, so we have to say that it is a great honor just to be chosen to perform. They are all very good singers, so it would be really hard to say that without hearing the songs first. 🙂

Can you tell us something about your song?

Ohhh… Let’s keep it a mystery a bit more. But we will start to reveal some details soon. 🙂

What are you favorite Eurovision songs?

Urška: One from my childhood days – Love shine a light. I sang it all the time. 🙂
Eva: Mine is Calm after the storm by the Common Linnets.
Zala: And I love Sertab Erener’s Every way that I can.

And girls, for our last question, would you be so kind to tell us something interesting about you three?

Hehehe, maybe something from our music-making time… 🙂
Our days are often spent in the studio, sometimes we even stay there for days and some amazing ideas for new songs occur, so now we have so much material! 🙂
Some of the new songs can be heard on our concerts and they will on our first album that we plan to publish this spring.
But if you’re interested in some behind the scenes action, feel free to follow our FB and Instagram acounts – Tosca Beat. 🙂

Girls, thank you so much! Hope you’ll do well at EMA!

It was our pleasure! :*

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