It’s been a few days since the Eurovision 2014 campaign rolled out their new graphic design, and they sure set the internet abuzz. After all, with the slogan incorporating that ubiquitous hashtag from all the social media, this is perhaps exactly what they wanted. Reactions to the shiny diamond graphics could only be described as mixed. Let’s take a look at some reactions from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and our very own ESC United Forums:

Love it!

Whether it’s because of the sleek gemstone design or the energetic shades of blue and purple, some people love the Danish broadcaster’s redecoration efforts.

join us facebook 5

join us facebook 2

Hate it!

And then there’s those who dislike DR’s design. Some compared it to the designs from previous years, which they prefered. Others just didn’t like the simplicity.

join us facebook 3

join us escunited 2


Appropriately enough, if there’s anything about the logo that spurned the most comments, it was the use of the hashtagged motto “#JoinUs”.

join us tumblr 2

join us escunited 1

More like #LeaveUs

The day of the announcement, many felt, was ill-timed. Ironically, while the producers in DR Byen emblazoned #JoinUs onto their promo materials, fan favorite Bosnia and Herzegovina officially dropped out of the contest, just one of many withdrawing from the 2014 show.

join us facebook 1

join us tumblr 1

The Name of the Game

Some people think that the logo looks eerily similar to a certain other franchise’s graphics…


join us facebook 4

join us escunited 3

If anything, DR did achieve its goal of generating conversation over social media. Whether fans like it or not, the diamond design will most likely stay. Will there be surprises when it comes to the actual show? Perhaps. We’ll all just have to wait for May to find out what Denmark decides to do.

Got something to add to the conversation? Tell us in our Eurovision 2014 forum!

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    December 31, 2013 at 16:38

    […] (in translation). See’s gallery of theme art in past years for comparison, plus Internet reactions and ESC Reporter’s […]

  2. rajo

    December 26, 2013 at 13:40

    Not impressed. Hashtags outside instagram or twitter don’t make sense and their use is pathetic. The logo itself looks like Malmö all over again. The theme Join Us doesn’t do anything… we had themes before. And who are we supposed to join when we already one?

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